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Spiritual: March 11, 2020 Issue [#10062]

 This week: Women's History Month: Gender Equality
  Edited by: Prosperous Snow welcoming 2021
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About This Newsletter

“Women and men have been and always will be equal in the sight of God.”
Baha'u'llah (A Compilation on Women, pp. 21-22)

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Letter from the editor

We must work together,
Men and women,
Side-by-side for gender equality.

It's interesting that, in most cases, when we talk about gender equality, we think of it as women achieving equality so that they can reach their full potential. Maybe its because we think men have reached their full potential, which isn't true because of the inequity that women experience. The human race is composed of men and women, and until women have achieved equality in all areas of life, men can't honestly claim true equality.

Consider, from both a spiritual and material point of view, the metaphor of a bird. A bird has two wings, if one wing is weak or broken the bird can't fly. Both wings need to be of equal strength before the bird can get off the ground. The same is true for humanity and civilization, which is composed of women and men. Both genders have to have equal opportunities in all areas of life, before humanity can achieve its full potential in building a prosperous civilization.

The good news is that we, humanity, has come a long way toward equality. The bad news is we still have a long way to go before full equality is established. This is a task that both men and women have to work on together.

Editor's Picks

What Makes Me Me?  (ASR)
A poem written for the Philosophical Musings Contest about what makes me me.
#2212665 by Choconut

Excerpt: A hint of sadness,
         a drop of fun
         mix them together
         to make me one

 Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
#2212422 by Not Available.

Excerpt: O’ Great Spirit of the living waters…

Sariah’s Lullaby  (E)
For her youngest sons, Jacob and Joseph, inspired by the Book of Mormon
#2212206 by Merrijane

Excerpt: Little one born in wilderness,
         so serious, so young,

A Widow's Story   (E)
The Story's Preface
#2183823 by GabriellaR45

Excerpt: Having struggled to survive the loss of my husband three years ago, I have been thinking about giving up this life of worrying and working overtime in the corporate sector, burdened with a heavy work load and pressure that is rugged and routine. When not at work, I take care of our house, family, and the last of my mother's sisters, while juggling funds and making a few extra dollars writing grant proposals for nonprofits late at night when my children are sleeping.

Little Oskar  (E)
When religious zeal interferes with good farm sense, my sisters save the day
#2209894 by Con

Excerpt: It was near suppertime one fall Saturday afternoon when I overheard my Dad telling our hired hand, Little Oskar, that he intended to cut oats the next day. The field in question was a small triangular one next to the farm buildings...

 Faith and Freedom  (E)
Would Harriet Tubman be proud to be an American today?
#2204626 by Jkenley1

Excerpt: I just got back to the house after watching a truly amazing movie about the life of Harriet Tubman, born a slave named Araminta "Minty" Ross. She ended up saving the lives of more than 700 slaves in the 1800s and died an old woman in the early 1900s...

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Ask & Answer

pumpkin writes: I highly recommend Up From Slavery by Booker T Washington. I read it when I was young, and it spoke to me, a white person. It addresses anyone of any race who wants to improve his life, and sets priorities. We did study Washington and George Washington Carver in school. Carver made important scientific, agricultural, and commercial contributions to our culture. I can't remember his name, but a black doctor made blood transfusions possible. Paul Robeson starred in King's Solomon's Mines, and Showboat, where he sings "Old Man River".

Rhoswen - Goal Reacher writes: Thank you so much for the mentions for Angel Wings Benefit Contest and the Children of God forum! I appreciate the notice!!!

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