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Noticing Newbies: March 25, 2020 Issue [#10088]

 This week: Creatures of Habit
  Edited by: Jace
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1. About this Newsletter
2. A Word from our Sponsor
3. Letter from the Editor
4. Editor's Picks
5. A Word from Writing.Com
6. Ask & Answer
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About This Newsletter

Hi, I'm Jace .

Welcome to this issue of the Noticing Newbies newsletter. Join me as I take you into some nooks and crannies of Writing.Com that you may not have found time to check out yet. This newsletter is about and for you. And for you seasoned members, I hope you'll find something you can take from my ramblings. *Smile*

Your Noticing Newbies Newsletter full-time Editors:

   Cinn ,   Sara♥Jean ,   Jace

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Creative fun in the palm of your hand.

Letter from the editor

Turn on the television and watch the news. Information abounds, overflows even. Some is factual; some may be invented. Good, factual news is essential. And it changes now by the hour.

It was Sunday morning, 15 March, when I first conceived the concept for this newsletter--listing various things we might do if forced to stay home. Actually, I was in church. We had just received notices about Social Distancing and the need to limit assemblies of large groups of people.

Ours being a small church, worshipped together (probably for the last time in the foreseeable future). The members sat in the same spots they always sat in each week, never worrying that they were well within six feet of each other. Passing the Peace was a series of fist or elbow bumps. Finally, we still socialized on the way out.

Creatures of habit.

But the very next day, I checked into WDC and opened an email from The StoryMistress detailing many of the same things I was going to cover in this newsletter. Nope, I won’t re-state those items here; The StoryMistress was especially eloquent in her letter. Hopefully you all saw it.

Instead, I’ll tell you about a few contests you might write for and enter now that you’re likely to have a bit more free time in the days to come.

What a Character! : Official WDC Contest  (E)
Create a memorable character using the given prompt for huge prizes!
#1679316 by Writing.Com Support
Requires a paid membership.

The following contests are open to any member.

Write a story using some lesser known genres.
The Genre Blender  (13+)
From The Talent Pond! Try something new using lesser-known genre combinations as prompts!
#2215856 by Brooke-Thanks Anonymous! :)

Write a poem using our favorite short form.
Weekly contest for short form poetry, such as haiku, triolet, cinquain, etc.
#1842029 by *Southernemma*

Can you write without any dialogue?
No Dialogue Contest  (E)
Write a story containing no dialogue, in 700 words or less, based on the monthly prompt.
#2079495 by ~QPdoll

Or…can you write using only dialogue?
The Dialogue 500  (18+)
Dialogues of 500 words or less.
#941862 by W.D.Wilcox

Maybe you have some ideas to try on site in the coming days, something others might find useful. Share them in your Blog. Strike up conversations in some of the forums. Or, search for a group that interests you and join it.

Don't be a creature of habit. Take advantage of some free time and do something different. Re-kindle your reasons for joining WDC in the first place before life took hold and kept you from enjoying your passion for writing. Develop a camaraderie with like-minded members, or just lose yourself in a good story here.

Write on!

Editor's Picks

Check out these Newbies (I've selected folks who have filled out their Biography or something in their Bio-Block). Take a moment to review something in their Port ... or just say hi.

 Chapter 1  (E)
Masquerade of Souls.
#2216504 by Draculus del Viafat

 Chosen Paths  (E)
The paths we choose in life have consequences.
#2216613 by bandit

 Shattered Tranquility   (13+)
Anxiety is a normal part of life; except when it isn’t.
#2216542 by Miranda Keening

 Stuck Inside  (18+)
None Needed
#2216389 by Miss303

 Self-Quarantine Blues  (18+)
Feeling a bit grim these days…
#2216523 by LizCo252

 What I Am  (E)
A bit of confident dialogue about myself
#2216517 by Sijil

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Word from Writing.Com

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Ask & Answer

Thanks for spending time with me today. If you liked what you read (or if you didn't), please take time and drop me a line. I'd love to hear your ideas.

From the newsfeed and mailbag:

From Bubblegum Jones : You did a great job of explaining the benefits of a basic membership, which suits me just fine. My basic membership runs all the way to New Year's eve of 2022.


From K.HBey : These are some advantages of the different kinds of membership. It is good to remind us about this. Thank you for sharing.

         My pleasure.

From DragonBlue : Absolutely. I did at one time, way back in 2007 & 2008, reading paid reviews, selling graphic siggies and decorating peoples' ports for them. Hosted a few auctions back then. As I remember it, it was a special time in my life.

From Nixie~tks anonymous : Choose the option from the left menu 'read and review'. You'll be shocked how quickly those points add up. *Shock2*
Such generosity from The StoryMaster is appreciated. *Heart* It's true! Reviewing improves writing. And writing anniversary reviews is a wonderful way to meet members and discover some fantastic writers. Post here and earn credits. Complete 15 per month and earn a merit badge!

Anniversary Reviews  (E)
Celebrate Writing.Com member account anniversaries with reviews. Earn GPs and MBs.
#1565040 by 🛸 Sum1 🗿

         This is a great resource, and one that I've used in the past as well.

From Dave : Yes. I have been doing it for several years now.

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