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Contests & Activities: May 20, 2020 Issue [#10184]

 This week: Creating a Schedule
  Edited by: Dawn Embers
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About This Newsletter

Contests & Activity Newsletter by Dawn

"The key is not to prioritize what's on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities." - Stephen Covey

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Letter from the editor

When it comes to running a contest or activity there are many challenges faced, whether it's a one time event or something held on a continual basis. Depending on the time and level of activity involved, the amount of work can become daunting in order to create and host a successful event. One tool to maybe consider if you are going to run a contest or host an event here on WDC is that of creating a schedule.

Schedules have an obvious purpose but can be used for different results depending on number of people involved along with the overall needs for the challenge. What must be done for a single event will vary just a little, though some recommendations are the same, in comparison to that of a contest run yearly, monthly, weekly or even daily. So, let's consider both some ways to schedule a single event and for one that may be held often.

Single Round Contest and Activity

There are a few ways you can use a schedule for running an event that will be a one time deal. The overall contest or activity can be on a set schedule and most of them should. This can be as simple as creating the start date and end date for entries in order to who or what will qualify for the round. For a contest, this means when people can enter but is not limited just to contestants. It might also be a good idea to put judging on a schedule in order to ensure there isn't a long delay from the end of the round and when the results get posted. People are forgiving but it's a little disappointing to feel like effort was forgotten when someone loses track of a contest round. Even a single round event can benefit from planning out the posting of end results and any reviews or other services promised. For an activity, the schedule of when to post is handy as well as some method to keep track of those involved. If it's going to require a number of different actions then creating a schedule can help guide people along the way, unless the whole point of the event is chaos then it's okay to not have a schedule or anything of that nature.

Continual Contests and Activities

A contest is fun to run, even if stressful at times. A one time try can easily become a regular event once the excitement kicks in and soon you might find yourself with a regular contest or activity. Even more than a single contest, for one that is done often, it will really help to have a schedule. The first, like single time events, is just the general schedule because it helps give a little structure and tells those that want to take part what to do. Next will depend if you have others helping or if it's an activity that you plan to handle by yourself. When you involve more people involved in the activity, then you'll want to consider putting together a schedule for everyone to keep things running well.

The actual event of creating a schedule can be a challenge. For a long time, I have run a contest that was weekly and involved a small group of judges in order to keep things moving along. However, that is on hold in part because I wasn't able to fit everything in my personal schedule let alone making sure the other judges were keeping on track to the contest schedule as well. A daily contest can be even more so but if you have people who are willing to follow a basic structure and a good line of open communication then it shouldn't be an issue.

Want to host an activity? Have a contest accepting entries? Keep on promoting and working hard as we all appreciate having the events available here on WDC no matter what time frame or schedule you use. Have fun and keep entering contests and keep hosting activities.

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Ask & Answer

Do you have a schedule for your contest or activity?

"Life is short and far too fragile. Whatever you dream of doing, begin. Put a first step or a "down payment" on your schedule and make it happen. Create memories. Have fun. Have an adventure. Take a (reasonable) risk. Be audacious. Laugh out loud. See what happens." - John Bernard Philip Humbert, 9th Count de Salis-Soglio


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