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Action/Adventure: May 20, 2020 Issue [#10187]

 This week: Signature Move
  Edited by: Annette
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About This Newsletter

Dear readers and writers of Action/Adventure, I am Annette and I will be your guest editor for this issue.

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Letter from the editor

Signature Move

         We've all heard or read the phrase "This is their signature move."

         There is a way that you can include that into your writing to make your characters more unique and distinctive.

         J. K. Rowling gave us the perfect signature move when Harry Potter kept using the Expelliarmus spell to disarm his enemies. Even in a battle where other warlocks and witches were throwing killing curses at one another and even killing one of the most accomplished warlocks of the Harry Potter universe, Harry was still casting Expelliarmus. This insistence in disarming his adversaries, rather than hurt or kill them made him recognizable by his enemies and led to them knowing which one of the many Harrys they were tracking was the right one. Later on, instead of learning from his mistake and using another spell, he still keeps using that one spell. He disarms Malfoy of the Elder Wand, which makes the wand now his. Even when Snape uses it and the Elder Wand performs for him, the wand's ultimate loyalty has already shifted to Harry. In the end, it turns out that he was right not to learn from his mistake. Because in the same way that his signature move made him easy to spot in a crowd of Harry Potters, it also ultimately led to his victory.

         When you create a character for an action adventure story, think about the signature move you will give them. As you saw in the example above, that signature move can be both helpful and a hindernis. Depending on the length of the story you're telling, it might be fun to show when they learned it, whey they first used it successfully, when it was to their detriment, and how it helped them to come out victorious at the end.

         The signature move gives you a recurring theme to keep a red thread in the story that is there, but not overwhelming to the general plot. It almost becomes a supporting actor as is walks on scene when needed, but can just as easily vanish only to pop back up later. Nobody asks where the signature move goes when your main character goes about their adventure without it. But after a while, the cracking whip, the flying wands, the one-inch punch all are welcomed back by the reader like an old friend.

Editor's Picks

 Sense of Me.  (E)
A woman learns to fight for herself even when she thinks she can't
#2151743 by Mic42

I Am OK Corral  (ASR)
I witness a gunfight.
#1982690 by Teargen

S01E10 "Spider-Man on Ice"  (ASR)
Spider-Man fights a thug who has armed himself with a freeze ray.
#2216848 by Seuzz

Anshel, Fighter of Evil  (E)
Anshel comes into your dreams at night and helps banish evil (A Ballad)
#2009140 by Intuey

Dreams  (18+)
A girl fights for her home.
#2216274 by Lilliy Loidd 🪔 [Away]

Part 108: Fight To The Finish  (13+)
Charmian confronts Ocryana in a final showdown for Manitou Island...
#616574 by Tehuti, Lord Of The Eight

 Awake in Darkness  (13+)
4 friends are kidnapped by a vampire in her ruined castle and must fight to escape.
#2209351 by davidducker

The Moon in the Cave  (18+)
A wizard and a sword-wielding fighter set off to find a celestial orb.
#2179861 by Ladee Caid

Hot Rocks In Iceland  (13+)
Visitor turns crime-fighter in Iceland (GeoFic Challenge fm TM INDIA)
#1555784 by Soldier_Mike

Corporate Wars: Undercover  (18+)
John goes undercover to find the organization trying to bring down the corporations.
#2131698 by Fifthwood

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Ask & Answer

Replies I got for my last Action Adventure newsletter "Around the World in 24 Hours

Monty wrote: So Rudolf is a steady now? I did not know that. Your News Letter is quite a tale of adventure itself.

I thought Rudolph is a steady now. He's American, so I can't be sure.

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