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Romance/Love: June 24, 2020 Issue [#10233]

 This week: June Bride
  Edited by: Samberine Everose
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2. A Word from our Sponsor
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About This Newsletter

Hello everyone, I’m Samberine Everose and I'm here one of your full-time editors in the Romance/Love Topic of the WDC Newsletter, and just like I've been saying I will not be tired in expressing my thankfulness to all the beautiful people here in this wonderful community of writers for not only helping us to improve our writings but giving us also encouragement and inspiration every day. *Smile*

Every romance story either in fiction or reality there will always be a happy ending, the main characters will be the Groom and the Bride.
But, have we ever wonder if there is any technique to get in there? Find out in this newsletter about some tips.

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Letter from the editor

June Bride

In the other day, I am searching for an inspiration what would be a good topic to write this June in my WDC Newsletter Love/Romance topic.
And then it pop up on my head on one of the questions that I received from a male fan:
what would be the best and the right words that a man should say to a lady when proposing a marriage to get a yes answer.
This makes me ponder for a while, browsing a minute my mind on some of the good love notes or love poems, but nothing fascinates me,.*Ha*
But when I try to think to be in the lady's shoes, this gives me a little bit day dreaming, as a legit-romantic.
If a guy proposing a marriage to a lady, it would be a moment if that lady is in waiting., but stressing maybe if she's not.,I mean if the girl is not yet prepared.
And maybe-
I don't know but I think one of the not to be said as awkward moment but maybe embarrassing moment of a guy is when they in proposing marriage to a lady, they need a courage to propose?
like a gamble if they will receive a yes or a no or not yet answer.
Or even if there is already an expectation that they will receive a good answer from their beloved but consider also if the girl is not yet prepared for the long commitment.
And here's my answer to the query of my friend that some few things to check it out before proposing a long time commitment
to stir or enhance to get a good answer if ever. *Smile*

*Tackr* 1.Setting-
Knowing your lady will determine which one is the best place to proposed a lifetime commitment, is she simple?, then she will love nature, or will be good then in a garden, or a beach, or a park just beside a good scenery view.,is she sophisticated then she will love a glamorous dinner, think also the right date, or the weather, it's not good to propose during a calamity, right?

*Tackr* 2. Plot-
Expectation can lead to disappointment sometimes, especially if we expecting a good outcome, so better to plot it to be simple,
If it's in the right time already then better to say it than letting that right time passed and flew away.

*Tackr* 3.Characters-
The main characters are of course it's only you and your beloved.,so be prepared, and try to let him/her prepare too.
Is there any other sub-characters that you need to enhance the proposing scheme, let them be prepared.

*Tackr* 4.Point of view-
So before proposing, think not only twice but tenthies, what is your point of view, is your feeling is true and you are serious for that lifetime commitment?

*Tackr* 5.The Right Words-
Finally, the right words, what would a guy will say to get a "yes" answer, some likes to write, then read the words in front of the lady, I don't know why they allow that style, this makes me feel that the guy is not serious then.
Cause I just only believe that when we are beside and looking our loved-ones, words will automatically spring and pour from our hearts.
The planning will not be necessary anymore when we are proposing, because the words will come out naturally, because the lips will not be the one to speak already, but our hearts then.
Each one have it's own unique strategy on how a guy will get a good yes answer to his beloved girl, these are some only options to consider.
The most important is if we are already ready to be a groom or a bride.

Same as to that right Day that will come when Christ will going to meet His bride-the church-us.,
are we all already also, are we already pure and matured or we are still in the stressing that time.
It will be good to be a Bride,someday, especially if we are all Ready. *Heart*

Samberine Sig.
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Ask & Answer

Our Question for this week Newsletter:
In your own opinion, what would be the right ways to prepare before proposing a lifetime commitment?

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For Father's Day, I'm getting pizzas and serving on the patio. I live with my 92 year old father. He has one 7 year old grandson and six great grands. They will be fine running around outdoors. They don't like hugs and kisses anyway. So he'll get to see them, and they break up their routine a bit, too.
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