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Action/Adventure: June 24, 2020 Issue [#10240]

 This week: The Next Quest
  Edited by: Kittiara
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About This Newsletter

We live in strange times. Many of us have had to put our plans on hold. Still, there are opportunities for adventure.

This week's Action/Adventure Newsletter is all about that next quest...


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Letter from the editor

When I was a child, I had this fantasy. One day, I didn’t know when, but one day, I would be called upon to enter another world. In my imagination, a wizard-type-person complete with long beard and robes would stop by, most likely in the middle of the night, and tell me a story of woe about his world. A problem that only I could solve.

Please don’t ask me how a shy, awkward child could possibly take on the type of evil forces that not even the entire population of an imaginary planet could stand up to. I had read about it in books, and if those kids could do it, so could I. I knew I would get help along the way. A dragon, perhaps. Another child. Fanciful creatures I hadn’t even heard of would become my companions and friends and together we would figure out what to do. Besides, if I were chosen, I would be special. That wizard would know something about me, about a certain power or strength that I wasn’t aware of. Wizards like that don’t make mistakes.

I was all set for my trip. I’d packed a bag with all the things I would need in just such an emergency. I can’t remember what I packed, exactly, except that it included a piece of string and a few changes of underwear. You can’t go wrong with those.

My wizard never showed up. No planet was in need of rescue. Or, if it was, I must have been asleep and missed it. It’s a shame. I might have been good at it.

My preparations show the power of literature over the minds of the young (and old). Who doesn’t like that feeling of getting caught up in a grand, heroic adventure? When we’re carried along by the words of a skilled author, we’re momentarily taken away from our own lives, and we join our heroes and heroines on their journey.

I think that when we grow older, our lives tend to become more mundane. There’s the job, the home, the bills, the family, and all our day-to-day responsibilities that usually include the dreaded dishes. I know that I am less likely to take a risk now than when I was a child. I am all too aware of the many things that can go wrong.

Still, I believe that deep down, many of us yearn to be free of fear and are ready for an adventure. We’re just held back by all the many reasons why we shouldn’t – some of them real, some imagined. Why go to a safe, organized holiday resort when you can take to the roads and properly explore a country, or an area? Why go for another job that’s more of the same when you could finally take up that role that you’ve always dreamed of? Why, even, stop yourself from placing that item in your portfolio that’s a bit experimental, or reveals how you truly feel, just in case someone might read it and dislike it?

Don’t be afraid of adventure. If you admire the heroes of your novels, why not become one? Okay, if you go around your neighbourhood wearing long robes and a pointy hat, searching for trolls, you may receive some odd looks, but an adventure doesn’t need to be all that epic. It can be relatively small, and more in line with current health and safety recommendations.

For my part, I am facing a quest for wisdom in the form of my new university degree. I won’t be carrying a staff, but I will need courage and determination to see it through. I may even achieve some character development. That would be good.

No adventure is ever easy. That’s what makes them so worthwhile.

I wish you all the best on yours!


Editor's Picks

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