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Spiritual: July 29, 2020 Issue [#10292]

 This week: Blogging Your Spiritual Path
  Edited by: Prosperous Snow
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1. About this Newsletter
2. A Word from our Sponsor
3. Letter from the Editor
4. Editor's Picks
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About This Newsletter

"Shall I write
And not of Thee through Whom my fingers bend
To hold my quill?"

George Herbert

I write of my Beloved
Through whom my fingers bend
To pick up my pen!

I write of my salvation
Using ink drawn from my own veins
To document my liberation!

I write of my pain
Caused by my ego's attempt to gain
My soul's allegiance!

I write of my fears
Caused by the disempowering years
In Self's prison!

Word from our sponsor

Letter from the editor

Blogging about my spiritual path is something I have thought a lot about this year, because of everything happening in the world. Sometimes it is difficult to find a spiritual theme and sometimes it is difficult. Sometimes a blog prompt helps find a subject or theme and sometimes the prompt is not help at all. If a blog prompt does not give me an idea for a subject or them, I pick a verse of scripture or a line of poetry to write a poem or prose piece about my beliefs.

I dud an internet search for "Spiritual Blogs" and found a number of interesting and thought provoking entries. I also found several blogs on writing.com that have are written from spirituals point of view. If you have never attempted to write specifically about your faith or spiritual point of view, I suggest reading blogs covering these subjects, or you can simply begin writing about your beliefs in your personal blog. If you want only writing.com members to read and/or comment on your entries you can restrict the access.

I enjoy reading about other people's spiritual beliefs. Sometimes I comment and sometimes I just click like, because I cannot think of a response at that moment. I have found that reading about another person's spiritual or religious beliefs helps me understand them, and understanding helps bring people together. I do not have to agree with everything a person says in a blog entry to understand the person or get a better understanding of the individual's spiritual, faith, or religious path.

Attempt to write a blog entry about your spiritual path and let me know how it works out. Also, could you answer this question: "How do you find the sacred within yourself?" I know how I find the sacred within me, and I am curious about how others find it within themselves.

Editor's Picks

Speck or Sparkle  (E)
Flow of thoughts, perception and musings, written in Free Verse with unintentional rhymes.
#2226186 by Puja

Excerpt: Rustic pathways lead to renowned place of joy,
         let your fear roster the leading levels of strength,
         ever changing dreams to foster the growing urge
         of soul to attain the list with grace and surrender.

 The Deer Hunter's Last Prayer  (ASR)
The therapist asked her patient, "Would you like to go hunting with me tomorrow?"
#567342 by Kenzie

Excerpt: Jenny teased the man, as was her style. As a physical therapist, she often worked with elderly patients in their homes. James had once been a strong man, one who enjoyed being a man and doing "manly things." One of his passions had been hunting. He knew Jenny shared his passion, and asked if she planned on hunting on the first day of the deer hunting season. She did.

 Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
#2226396 by Not Available.

Excerpt: When last I visited India almost a decade ago
         I recall riding on my brother's scooter
         as he drove me around town,
         And I saw fully veiled Muslim women
         half their faces veiled, masked in Niqab
         driving scooters, motorbikes, mopeds and motorcycles.

Celtic Roots   (E)
A child of Poetry denies heritage of the woman who brought his words to life.
#2131601 by Brian K. Compton

Excerpt: Poetry isn't my first language
         but a beating rhythm
         first discovered
         in my mother's belly
         -- my fraternal twin --
         conceived yet undelivered
         until I set pencil to spiral notebook.

 Finding a trusting connection  (E)
In times of trouble make sure you are not out of range
#2224045 by Michaelmountain:spring hope

Excerpt: A relationship without trust is like a cell service without any connections. What do you do with the phones? You play a lot of games. (Anonymous) That anonymous guy says a lot of clever things. None of us have cell service to God, but if we don’t have that trust do we really communicate? Is there someone on the other end of the line?

 Morning Musings  (E)
Thinking about the goodness of God.
#2209901 by G. B. Williams

Excerpt: As I watched the sunrise, I thanked the Lord for sleeping through the night. Although the stars were so very bright the morning sun proudly took their places.

Activities, Groups, and Contests

Take up Your Cross  (E)
This will be a daily blog forum.
#2225667 by Chris Breva Congrats Quills!

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Ask & Answer

Mia - in motion writes: Dear Prosperous Snow,

Thank you for another lovely, insightful article and your selection of Editor’s Picks. I read a number of them, and found them enjoyable.

Thank you for also including one of my articles. Much appreciated.


Prosperous Snow You're welcome.

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