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 This week: Biodiversity and Natural Selection
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Letter from the editor

Biodiversity and Natural Selection

I saw a video recently, about scientists discovering a new species of river dolphin in Brazil. Apparently the dolphins have been there forever, but no one noticed these were slightly different than river dolphins upriver. Even on the planet we live, we know little about its biodiversity.

Certainly this is food for thought in our writing. How many species of animals have been around and gone extinct before we discovered them? How many pockets of uncivilized habitat are left for unknown plants and animals? How many humans are still willing to travel to unknown areas and study them? The good thing is we have technology to help us identify and study new species and how they may have evolved.

As humans, we tend to forget we are a species. Lately, we've been reminded how vulnerable we can actually be. Could we as writers create our own species, possibly living among us or remotely? Could we create a plausible premise to engage our readers and tickle their imagination? Would it be too far a stretch to have a secondary human species living among us? Maybe that weird guy down the block...could he be genetically different from you and I? The last question, could technology be harming natural selection and creating a weaker human race?

So think about it... do we have to travel to another planet or universe to create something new?

This month's question: Do we have to travel to another planet or universe to create something new?? Send in your answer below! *Down* Editors love feedback!

Editor's Picks

 Spilled Coffee  (E)
Who knew that being clumsy could lead to something beautiful?
#2229706 by celiasgirl

Excerpt: Stephanie breathed in the cold morning air and the freshness of the day filled her with anticipation. I can hardly believe this day has finally come. Smiling she looked around at the bright sky of a new day filled with possibilities. After years of working and struggling, Stephanie had finally finished her degree and was starting out on her new life. That new life began today with the first day at her new job. She had worried and prayed and worried and prayed as the day approached for it seemed as if there was no job for her.

 The People Next Door  (18+)
It's hard to trust people wearing masks.
#2228910 by Winchester Jones

Excerpt: “Wave,” I said. “Are you waving, Samantha?”

“Yes, Johnathan. I’m waving.”

“Just keep waving. Wave like our lives depended on it. That’s it. Nice and slow. We don’t want to spook ‘em.”

 Punta Mala  (18+)
A man chooses his way out. What better way than fighting pirates?
#2229470 by Winchester Jones

Excerpt: Punta Mala is known for its strong winds, and its strong currents, and most definitely, its horrendous weather. They say the storms in that region can pop up anywhere and everywhere, and the worst part is, they come out of nowhere. You don’t want to go near Punta Mala, Jack was told repeatedly. And if you do go, make sure you’re never caught on a lee shore!

Graceful Soup  (E)
a special ingredient
#2209379 by Solace.Bring

Excerpt: It was my grandma’s recipe. I can even remember that day in her kitchen when she first taught me how to make it.

She began the long process by unwrapping the scrap bones bought from her butcher. Then she put them into a big pot along with ingredients such as apple cider vinegar, turmeric, and paprika. Of course, Grandma didn’t use precise measurements; her terms for amounts included “a handful” of this or “a pinch” of that. But I watched carefully every time I helped her, so over time, I got the gist.

The Writer's Cramp  (13+)
Write the best STORY OR POEM in 24 hours and win 10K GPs!
#333655 by Sophy

Daily prompts and big prizes!!!

 Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
#2220570 by Not Available.

Excerpt: Some believe ghosts are dead people. Others consider paranormal experiences to be glimpses of those who dwell beyond the veil of this dimension. Where the truth lies is a matter of conjecture. Perhaps this little tale may shed some light on the subject, but I will leave you the reader to make up your own mind.

 Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
#2229394 by Not Available.

Excerpt: “Why are you late?” Simpa asked her sons.

“We’re late?” Gosh asked.

“You sure?” chimed in Bygosh.

She covered her face with a hand, then let it slide down her face.

The Phantom Hand  (18+)
Contest entry. Weird Tales. Is Elena the re-incarnated goddess Alin? Can she save India?
#2229233 by D. Reed Whittaker

Excerpt: A red-headed woman was a rarity in Madras. In all of India, for that matter. Elena Prentis was as red as red could be. The sub-alterns would say it was flaming. As attractive as Elena was, none would dare approach the Colonel's daughter. With her fair skin, it was foolish for her to be in the marketplace at mid-day. Foolish to be alone anywhere in Madras.

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Ask & Answer

This month's question: This month's question: Do we have to travel to another planet or universe to create something new? Send in your answer below! *Down* Editors love feedback!

Last month's question: How do you use your Brief Description area? How do you choose keywords to expand your audience??

Bikerider-Happy turkey day! : Your July 22nd newsletter brings up a good point. When I review a newbie who has not used all the drop down genre boxes, I explain their importance at the end of my review. I also mention the importance of providing some information about themselves in their port bio. Reading an author's bio gives me a little insight about the writer as I read their work.
When I create a static item, I use the 90 characters like I do the first sentences of a story; it's a place where I try to capture a reader's interest.

Quick-Quill : I’ve never used the key words. I don’t use them to find stories. Maybe I need to check that out.

Emily : Thank you for featuring my item "Climate Refugees! It’s a new genre for me and my first short story in a while, so I appreciate your recognition!

I always try to use the brief description area to entice potential readers. If they weren’t convinced by the title and genre to click my item, what more can I say that would tip the scales? Sometimes it’s an interesting question, or a strong quote from the piece. It’s usually always a little mysterious, but hopefully effective to get someone to click and read. The brief description should never be wasted! *Bigsmile*

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