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Spiritual: August 26, 2020 Issue [#10332]

 This week: Trust in God, but wear the mask.
  Edited by: Prosperous Snow Creative
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About This Newsletter

“Trust in God, but tie your camel.”
Islamic Hadith: Saying from/or by the Prophet Muhammad

“Prayer indeed is good, but while calling on the gods a man should himself lend a hand.”

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Letter from the editor

I'm 73 years old. I trust in God. When I go out of the house for anything, I wear a mask because--while I trust in God--I have to take responsibility for taking the proper precautions and for obeying the laws. What I think of the laws about wearing masks has nothing to do with me wearing them. Wearing a mask doesn't threaten my personal freedom. Indeed, wearing a mask has more to do with my free will than it does my personal freedom.

For me wearing a mask is similar to rolling up the windows and locking the car door when you use a public parking garage or lot. A person can trust in God and still lock their car doors, wearing a mask works the same way. I know that other people don't feel this way. I know that many consider a mask an attack on their perso9nal freedom. I also know there are those who consider wearing a mask shows lack of trust in God.

I don't think wearing a mask shows lack of trust in God. As for the laws requiring a mask in public, I don't feel they are an attack on my personal freedom. Indeed, I feel that if I don't wear a mask in public, that I'm being selfish and that I'm working towards disunity rather than unity. I know that some things I do, don't work toward the unity of humanity. I'm working on that issue one-day-at-a-time, one action at a time. One of the ways I'm working on it, is to wear a mask whenever I go out in public.

What do you think about wearing the mask and trusting in God? Do you have any suggestions for upcoming issues the the spiritual newsletter?

Editor's Picks

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#2228475 by Not Available.

excerpt: ...last night I woke mid-dream and
         was the willow weeping in the yard

 Trusting God  (E)
Something I wrote several years back when my faith was tested.
#1334815 by Aleta

Excerpt: We all come to a place sooner or later, where our faith is tested. This is part of being
God's child and growing in Him. How we cope and live through this testing is what really counts.

 Original Sin  (E)
Questioning Abrahamic Religion's theory of original sin!
#2228752 by Naferet Hotep

Excerpt: I went to the church one day
         Found the priest sitting to pray
         He took the time to smile

A Conversation  (E)
"Everything comes in a perfect timeline.” (Featured in WDC Newsletters)
#1871750 by ChrisDaltro-Chasing Moonbeams

Excerpt: “Do you ever listen to me?”

Trust in God, work and your high hopes fulfil; read author’s notes first
#2209311 by Guru Valmiki Aristotle Scriber

Excerpt: Believe work, quit not till your high hopes fulfil
         Energetically work confidently, feel the chill
         Look, sky is the limit, work to reach your goal
         In odds, work on, at the end, tell the success tale
         Enterprisingly be committed to touch the hill
         Verify work course, track the move on to the reel
         Enthusiastically proceed and get a good feel

Face what you must Face  (E)
Challenges are been given to you for a purpose - for you to become what you can become.
#2190160 by sindbad

Excerpt: In Mahabharat Krishna and Balarama are going to the forest and it grew dark.

Activities, Groups, and Contests

Spiritual Talk Place Group Forum  (E)
Sharing our stories, prayer, sharing how we ourselves see the Word Of GOD, Contest & More
#2084061 by Sunny

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