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Short Stories: September 02, 2020 Issue [#10347]

 This week: Earn With Short Stories
  Edited by: Annette
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About This Newsletter

Hello writers and readers of short stories, I am Annette and I will be your guest editor for this issue.

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Letter from the editor

Earn With Short Stories

Not too long ago, it was very difficult to earn any type of income from short story writing. The traditional publishing system has been rigged toward blockbuster promotion and selling of authors with a high name recognition. A few of those were able to get publishers to print their short story collections. For the rest? The mantra was, "Short stories just don't."

Things have changed.

The advent of short screens on our person, we call them smartphones, have given us access to a full library of stories. Since reading on a cell-phone screen is usually done when we are between here and there, the short story format is made for being read on small portable screens.

Anthologies in e-book format can cheaply get published by several authors or one. Each of those short stories is then, again, perfect for reading on the small screen. At the same time, an anthology can have a theme or topic, or create another kind of red thread for the readers to follow.

If you want to publish professionally and want to get picked up by a publishing house, find a respected magazine to put your short story into. Many publications prefer genre or flash fiction. Those magazines help you to build a fan base for your larger body of work.

Once you've placed a short story in an online magazine, you have a half a foot into the publishing world as editors of those magazines sometimes have connections with the large publishing houses.

It still is a little like winning the lottery, but some short stories get bought by movie studios and turned into movies.

Online retailers of e-books perfer authors who have many titles. While it's hard to write more than maybe two novels a year, you might be able to create a large amount of available titles with short stories and novella length work.

Short stories, especially free to download short stories, can be a great bridge for your fans between serial novels. They can also bring in new fans who'll go back to the previous novels.

Surprising fact: short stories can make more money for the writer per word than a novel.

If all of this hasn't convinced you to write some short stories, consider this: Honing the craft of writing short stories helps your overall writing to be more concise rather than wordy and drawn out. The fewer words you need to describe your plot in a short story, the harder hitting your novels will be. Give it a whirl with short story contests here on the site. And don't forget to check out those excellent short stories written by fellow members of the site.

Editor's Picks

Writing.Com Party Central 2021!  (E)
We're celebrating our 21st birthday! Stop in to see what's going on!
#506157 by The StoryMistress

 Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
#2230670 by Not Available.

 Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
#2230655 by Not Available.

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This item number is not valid.
#2230479 by Not Available.

Boa Ogoi  (18+)
Contest entry: The 'battle' of Bear River.
#2230402 by D. Reed Whittaker

I wish I had it all  (13+)
One woman's torment between success and truth.
#2230387 by Alexi

One Last Time  (13+)
Old romantic love.
#2213107 by Lilli ☕️ 🧿

Danger Dog and the Perplexing Problem  (E)
Danger Dog has to teach a new foster brother about living in a home. Dialog only.
#2230297 by GeminiGem💎

 Psychological Story Contest  (E)
Round 11 is now OPEN Starts now and ends September 30.
#1220286 by Masque of Licentia

Fabulous Fantasy Contest   (18+)
A fantasy short story and poetry contest. Closed
#2125220 by A E Willcox has won NaNoWriMo

Thriller Short Story Contest Forum  (13+)
Have you been frightened by something lurking at you?
#2227341 by Beacon - Light 4ever

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Ask & Answer

I received the following reviews for my last Short Stories newsletter "Tell Me A Story

BIKERIDER BEHAVED ALL YEAR wrote: The short stories I'm most proud of are the ones a reviewer states 'This story will remain in my thoughts for some time to come,' or 'your story brought tears to my eyes.' I don't like to make people cry, but don't we all strive to make our readers 'feel' something when they read our writing?
I read a poem (aren't poems just short stories?) about two months ago that still lingers in my thoughts. I hope she doesn't mind my posting it here: "One Last Time. This is one of the most beautiful and heartfelt things I've read in quite some time.

dragonwoman wrote: I love when a flash of mine is an editor's pick! Thank you

Quick-Quill wrote: I enjoyed this newsletter. I agree that a story is in how you tel it not necessarily the content. It can be stupid but if a kid is listening your story is your connection to them. Love them and tell them stories even if you read a book.

KirtiD wrote: Hello!
can i send my short story for this news letter? Its short crush story.
Yes, but you have to send me a link to the story in your portfolio.
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