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Mystery: October 14, 2020 Issue [#10411]

 This week: Fascinating Mummies
  Edited by: Annette
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Table of Contents

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2. A Word from our Sponsor
3. Letter from the Editor
4. Editor's Picks
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6. Ask & Answer
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About This Newsletter

Dear readers and writers of mysteries, I am Annette and I will be your guest editor for this issue.

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Letter from the editor

Fascinating Mummies

         On October 3, 2020 Egyptian archeologists unveiled 59 mummies that had been safely tucked away for over 2,500 years. Ancient Egypt is at the same time one of the cultures that gives us so much to see, yet preserves some of its mysteries no matter how many finds modern excavations yield.

         Grave robbing for weapons, jewellry, and artifacts has been around for as long as adding valuable items to graves was a thing. Modern archeologists complain when they find that some burial sites were robbed before they could get there. At the same time, modern archeologists dig and dig deeper to unearth anything that was buried underground. No matter how thick the walls around those burial sites, they will get busted open. Because humans can't leave any stone unturned until they have found everything. Which leads me to ask: what makes our time period so special that we get to disturb what's been hidden for so many years? Each mummy was a human who lived and died a long time ago. With each mummy, we get a little piece of the mystery puzzle created so long ago, yet never get all of it. This non-fiction type approach to mummies has its charm.

         Fictional mummies are so much more fun as they are among the most popular horror monsters. They have given us novels, short stories, movies, and childish nightmares. They really should not be horror monsters, but mystery protagonists. Werewolves, vampires, Frankenstein's monster, and the monster from the lagoon do not exist in reality. Mummies do. Fiction about mummies can make them out to be something scary, but they can also be one of the clues in a mystery story.

         When you write about mummies in mystery stories, remember to keep their origin as a human being in mind. The person's life story is the real mystery.

Editor's Picks

The Case of the Man in the Mummy's Case  (ASR)
How could a man be dead a week after being buried for a thousand years?
#2234519 by Seuzz

 The Mummy's Reach  (18+)
During a museum visit, a murder sends Jack and Colette after the killer's unusual motives.
#2203127 by IamnotJackMesser

 Scooby and the Mummy's Maniacal caper  (E)
Scooby and the gang head off for a road trip. Unknown to them they were in for a ride.
#2209011 by Scooby

Nefertiti mummy  (E)
James finds a new index about Nefertiti mummy.
#2210541 by K.HBey

A Good Heart  (18+)
An Egyptologist falls for a beautiful, younger woman. First place Short Shots, Oct 2016
#2098695 by Robert Edward Baker

The Museum and The Mummy  (ASR)
I had a scary time at the museum
#2164319 by James Campbell

Letter from a Journalist  (E)
A female reporter writes to her editor about an investigation she would like to pursue.
#582953 by Shaara

 The Airship, The Mummy, and The Timejump  (E)
Steampunk adventure
#2182160 by Yezall Strongheart

 Djedefre's Wrath  (18+)
'Do not open the tomb, for you shall pour forth a great horror upon this world'"
#1859441 by Ahkerousia

 Rouge's Huge Heist  (13+)
Rouge the bat attempts to steal a Pharaoh's gems from a museum but finds out she's a mummy
#2212803 by Vampenga

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Ask & Answer

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