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Spiritual: November 04, 2020 Issue [#10442]

 This week: Writing Your Spiritual Biography
  Edited by: Lilli ☕️ 🧿
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About This Newsletter

Whatever your spiritual beliefs or the path you follow, the lessons you’ve learned from your experiences can be very helpful to others who find themselves in a similar situation. Sharing your story can be very meaningful.

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Letter from the editor

A spiritual autobiography focuses on the milestones and influences of your spiritual journey, in chronological order. For example, your story may begin with a childhood experience and then progress through a variety of the stages of your life: college, marriage, divorce, children, deaths, etc. Your spiritual autobiography should include revelations and epiphanies.

Here are some tips to help get you started:

*Gemv* A spiritual autobiography is not a memoir.
It’s important to start at the very beginning of your spiritual experience and what led you to your spirituality in the first place. Some people were born and raised in spiritual households, and that spirituality was always a point of emphasis. For others, a major event brought them to the spirituality they practice today. Sharing how you came to embrace your spirituality will start your story off strong.

*Gemv* Discuss why you chose the spiritual path you did.
There are many religions and types of spirituality practiced today. Talk about why you practice the way you do and what that means for you.

*Gemv* Discuss the evidence of your faith.
We believe the things we do from a spiritual standpoint because we have seen evidence that backs up our faith. We see God, or Allah, or our preferred deity or deities working in specific ways in our lives and the lives of others. Talk about the times of evidence that you have seen and how that has affected your faith and your life over the years.

*Gemv* What have you learned from your spirituality?
There are always lessons to be learned, and every day offers new moments for examination as we face new challenges. What are the lessons you’ve learned from your continuing spiritual practices, and where do you see these practices taking you? The answers to these questions are important to include in your autobiography because it shows people a full reflection of who you are as a spiritual person.

*Gemv* Discuss any challenges your spirituality may have caused.
Religion and faith are some of the most divisive components of life today, and we see this struggle play out before us every day. Share stories about challenging circumstances and discuss the process you went through to achieve resolutions.
How does your spirituality affect your daily routines?

This may be the most important issue to address when writing your spiritual autobiography. For many people, the goal of practicing spirituality in some form is to create a life that is greater than one without it. Therefore, discuss how your life has improved since starting your spiritual journey. Give tangible examples of what has changed what you hope for your spiritual future.

*GemV* In summary...
The challenge of writing a spiritual autobiography is to format it in chronological order. So often the desire is to tell the most meaningful stories first, but that’s not how an autobiography works. You’re on a journey. Talk about each step forward you take, the steps backward you had to take, and don’t skip parts you might feel are unimportant.

Often that which we feel is unimportant that someone else finds to be the most profound truth they’ve ever read. So share your spirituality, faith, or religious practices in an autobiography and you might just change the world, one person at a time.

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