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Action/Adventure: November 04, 2020 Issue [#10453]

 This week: Coming or Going
  Edited by: Annette
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About This Newsletter

Dear readers and writers of Action/Adventure, I am Annette and I will be your guest editor for this issue.

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Letter from the editor

Coming or Going

         There is this bit of writing wisdom that proclaims that there are only two types of plot:

1. Someone goes on a journey.

2. A stranger comes to town.

         I'm not going to attribute this to any one person because I've heard it in too many places that I find it hard to pinpoint who really said it first. Let's instead discuss these two types of stories.

         The first question that arises is: Aren't these two plot lines the same thing, just discussed from a different point of reference? I am inclined to say yes, and also no. It depends on the point of view from which the story is told.

         The most important fictional event outside of Writing.Com in 2020 is The Mandalorian. (fight me) The Mandalorian himself falls squarely into the someone goes on a journey type of plot. To the widow who wants him to stay on Sorgan, he came to town. This still does not qualify the overall Mandalorian storyline as comes to town because he leaves. From Mando's point of view, he is on a journey to find a race of wizards that can move things with their minds.

         As you can tell from The Mandalorian example, the two plot lines are not simply two sides of the same coin.

         Harry Potter falls into the stranger comes to town plot line. Wait a minute, I hear you say. He left the Dursleys. Yes, he left one place and went to another. Once he leaves the boring, rigid life of Little Whinging behind, he enters the wondrous magical world of the wizards. He is not only a stranger in that environment, he stays there. And, to add one more story telling cliché to the Harry Potter soup: He is also a fish out of water. By following him, the reader finds out about the magical world, of which Harry becomes a part. He arrived as a stranger, but adapts and becomes one of the most influential characters in the world he entered.

         As you can tell from the Harry Potter example, even someone who appears to go on a journey, can very well end up being the stranger who came to town.

Editor's Picks

Halloween Battle in Shibuya  (13+)
A demon witch from another world comes to conquer.
#2235098 by Kotaro

The Maytag Man  (13+)
Sunny days and a surprise visitor changes one woman's life.
#1412756 by Redtowrite

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Fore Shadows: Escape 2169  (13+)
Once Dr. Samuel Marks did what had to be done, he had only one option left....
#2000884 by Roari ∞ hunting 🍀

The Halloween Event  (18+)
The entire island of Britain is mysteriously transported a thousand years into the past.
#2135762 by Leif the Lucky

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Journey Through Genres: Official Contest  (E)
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Ask & Answer

I received these replies to my last Action/Adventure newsletter "Seven Months Into The Pandemic:

StephBee wrote: Yeah, I wanted to go backpacking the Los Angeles National Forest recently, still burning, still shut down. Missing my amusement parks. I like to go Magic Mountain for Fright Fest. Sigh... A least I can take a day trip to Ventura beach and make an adventure out of it. The most adventure I've found so far is going to Costco on payday. That would make a great adventure story!

Monty wrote: How do you breath in the thin air? I have been in areas less the 10000 ft and found I was short of breath. BTW thanks for the highlight.

WakeUpAndLive️~Quill Winner wrote: Thank you for the newsletter, the trinket, and featuring my fantasy chapter. I loved to hike (in the Before Time): walking the miles, and having a cup of coffee or lunch in a nice quaint restaurant along the way. Not sure when that will be something enjoyable to do again. But I hope as soon as possible!

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