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Romance/Love: November 18, 2020 Issue [#10469]

 This week: Writing Romance Quick
  Edited by: Dawn Embers
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About This Newsletter

Romance/Love Newsletter by Dawn

A quick discussion on writing stories at a fast pace in light of NaNoWriMo along with some contests that have shorter deadlines and word count limits.

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Letter from the editor

It is November, which for some means spending time writing lots of words in an attempt to write a novel within a month, which is a short time considering many takes years to get to a finished draft. Romance writers are no different and I'm sure there are a few romance stories being written at fast pace right now. There are also a few contests going right now that require some quick writing, whether the deadline is one month, one week or even a single day. All of the options means, maybe there is room to consider how to write fast when it comes to romance and erotica.

One option, of course, is NaNoWriMo.

While some of my highest words counts came from fantasy novels, I have also gotten some quick work done on romance stories over the years when taking part in National Novel Writing Month. Many stories include romance within the side framing or sub plots, but there is also an advantage when it comes to trying to write a romance novel in a month. There are several benefits to the romance novel that can make it a good option for this month or any other time you want to try something quicker than usual.

1. Less world building and fantastical elements - While there is fun in some of the genres, having something that is modern, current day and a familiar setting can be an advantage when trying to write the story in a short amount of time. Instead of worrying about any extensive outlining and creating of the world to put the characters with their plot in place, one can do a little work then get right done to business of putting words to the page.

2. Romance is set for the word count - While 50k is on the shorter side for novels, it's okay for a romance or erotica story to be on the shorter side. Sure, some can be long but there isn't a need for this genre to get to 100,000+ words. It's possible to get a complete novel done in much less. Even novellas are sellable for romance, putting the counts even shorter and making it possible to get the writing done a bit faster than other genres.

3. It is fun - For those of us that like to write romance, getting to write the start, create the meet-cute and move to the troubles, the cute moments and find the way to bring the characters together in a successful romance can be quite fun. We write this genre for many reasons including enjoyment, which can be brought to any story no matter the pace or word count accomplished in the time frame.

Novels aren't the only way to go quick. Here on WDC, we have a number of contests that promote some quick writing. Some contests have short deadlines, some have limited word counts and others combine them both to challenge the writers. Romance can be entered in a number of contests but there are also few that focus on romance and/or erotica. And two of them emphasize on the word quick as it's in their titles. Either way, some options exist for writing a quick little romance story. If novel writing isn't your thing, then the contests are a perfect solution because you get 690, 2,000 or a little more in order to write a story. Some of them are quick time frames like the two that are weekly, then there are also monthly contests that can include romance. Paranormal romance is a popular monthly contest, for example, that you can put something in quick in order to get a story written and submitted.

Either way, it's a good time right now to sit down and write a quick romance story. Let your imagination free and have a little fun. Get a quickie done or maybe even two or three. You can do it. Write!

Editor's Picks

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Ask & Answer

Have you tried to write a quick romance before? How did it go?

In September, we discussed a question of love and more specific took into consideration how we can tell whether it's love or not. Here are some comments sent in for that newsletter:

Comment by Monty
I think your suspicion is correct.

Comment by Write 2 Publish 2020
Writing about love and knowing love is different. Everyone has experienced love in some form. Parental love, sibling love, first love, lust and then there is LOVE. That connection two people have that transcends physical and mental planes. We all believe in it, we all search for it and know what it's supposed to be, but rarely find its perfection. SO-we write it. We write what we can't have or desire to have in an imperfect world. Our heroes have small imperfections that our Heroines can accept. Then we, as writers, pour all the things into the story that we fantasize about love.

Comment by D. Reed Whittaker
Experience helps. With time and relationships, you learn what works and what doesn't. With time the visceral/emotional (chemistry) is tempered with reason/understanding. With time, we know ourselves, we are ready for love (love yourself before you can love another). Exposure helps, too. The more people you know, the better is your chance of finding the 'right' person. It's maturity - knowing yourself and knowing the world. I'm a firm believer (little experience) in love after 60.

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