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Horror/Scary: January 06, 2021 Issue [#10547]

 This week: What sorcery is this?
  Edited by: Arakun the Twisted Raccoon
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About This Newsletter

Quote for the week: "Words and magic were in the beginning one and the same thing, and even today words retain much of their magical power."
~ Sigmund Freud

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Letter from the editor

Magic is defined as the power to influence events by using mysterious or supernatural forces. Magic is often associated with fantasy literature, but it can be an important part of horror as well. Evil done by supernatural means is frightening because ordinary measures may not stop it.

Some stories and folklore separate magic into good and evil forms. In others, magic is a force of nature that is neither good nor evil in itself, such as a tornado or fire. Good or evil done by magic comes from the user's intent, not the magic itself.

Here are some terms associated with magic as defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Other sources might have slightly different definitions or associations.

A spell is a word or collection of words that are said to have magic power. An incantation is a spell that is recited or sung as part of ritual magic to produce a certain effect.

An invocation is a prayer or recitation used to call on or petition an entity for support. The entity might be a god, spirit, demon or any supernatural creature, and the invocation might involve either good or evil intent. To conjure is to summon an entity by invocation or incantation.

Sorcery is the use of power gained from assistance or control of spirits or demons. The spirits involved might be good, evil, or neutral. A curse is a prayer or incantation intended to direct harm to a person, object, or place.

A charm is an object carried to ward off evil or bring luck. The charm may be magical of itself or have been imbued by magical power through a spell. Common charms include a rabbit's foot or four leaf clover.

Glamour is a magical illusion often used as a disguise. Fairies or fae folk are often said to use a glamour to disguise themselves as human beings.

A potion is a liquid with healing, magical, or poisonous properties.

Magic is always more exciting if it has some limits and comes at a cost to the user. Characters with unlimited power of any kind have no challenges and make for uninteresting stories. Maybe the magic is useless or less powerful against certain types of characters, or they might become immune over time. Maybe the character needs to rest or even falls unconscious after expending a large amount of magical energy.

Something to try: Write a horror story which involves an evil magical character.

Editor's Picks

Magic Word  (18+)
A man discovers the Magic Word works... to his detriment. (9600 words)
#2209674 by Steven, Rejected By All

Snokum Joe  (18+)
Late at night in a graveyard
#2233861 by W.D.Wilcox

It Stares Back  (18+)
The beginning, the end. Something exists in the depths of the black hole.
#2238291 by Rakkit

Halloween Battle in Shibuya  (13+)
A demon witch from another world comes to conquer.
#2235098 by Kotaro

Longevity   (13+)
Youth is wasted on the young... (Quill award winner)
#1953051 by Bilal Latif

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