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Short Stories: January 06, 2021 Issue [#10551]

 This week: The Fog
  Edited by: Leger~
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Table of Contents

1. About this Newsletter
2. A Word from our Sponsor
3. Letter from the Editor
4. Editor's Picks
5. A Word from Writing.Com
6. Ask & Answer
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About This Newsletter

The purpose of this newsletter is to help the Writing.com short story author hone their craft and improve their skills. Along with that I would like to inform, advocate, and create new, fresh ideas for the short story author. Write to me if you have an idea you would like presented.

This week's Short Story Editor

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Letter from the editor


That's a great title for a scary movie, right? But not such great words for a struggling author. What is brain fog? It's the inability to focus - to concentrate or form full thoughts - to get those thoughts typed out. A person will space out, go blank or feel hazy while trying to accomplish their writing. The right word won't appear in your head and you can't remember things like you want.

First off, make sure you are well and getting enough sleep. Nutrition is important! And that doesn't mean snacking at your desk. Make healthy choices if nibbling is your thing. And hydrate! If you feel tired, have a nap or have a walk. I find what I perceive as tiredness is often boredom and the need for some fresh air. The walk will help with stress and perhaps you'll find some inspiration on your walk. Or a puppy....puppies are awesome.

I also find that sitting down at the same time every day has helped my brain automatically start reviewing what I thought about the day before and boosts my start on my project. Others find writing in a notebook and avoiding the computer screen helps. Just don't write in your notebook and take a walk at the same time! When words won't come to me, or my characters aren't cooperating, I edit. Those little grammar changes either send me off for a nap or I get excited and write more.

Last, don't quit! Don't allow your brain fog to dampen your desire to write. Try a little at a time when you feel rested and ready, you'll slide back into the groove in no time.

As always, Write On!

This month's question: Do you experience brain fog? What are some of your solutions? Send in your answer below! *Down* Editors love feedback!

Editor's Picks

Not Really Fishing  (E)
Fishing on a foggy lake. A man and his son dream.
#1401356 by Kotaro

Excerpt: The boy watched the red, white, and blue float bobbing vertically in the water like a barber’s pole. Hoping for a sudden dip that would indicate a fish falling for his trap, he shut everything else out. Minutes went by in a timeless realm of complete absorption to one detail. Nothing changed and he entered another world.

Never Wander Alone  (ASR)
Sometimes things find a way to creep out of your imagination...
#2203963 by Puhlasaurus

Excerpt: My detective story started that day with a lone and rotting tire that leaned against the truck of a tree. There was blood splattered against the tree as it ran down the trunk, pooling around the tire. Leading away from the tree were bloody footprints, but they didn’t appear human.

 The FogRunner  (13+)
A man does not want to be late for his date with his wife
#2182713 by Winchester Jones

Excerpt: “Daddy’s home!” his children screamed upon seeing him out there bleeding on the patio bricks. “Did you bring us anything?” they asked as they went to work ripping up sheets, loading the stapler, preparing the bathtub. “Of course,” he would always answer. For he always brought them something. His wife smiled and shook her head in that patient, knowing way of wives, then shooed the boys out of the bathroom. They would know to open the backdoor, for the helicopter was undoubtedly on the way. It always was.

Through The Fog   (18+)
An Agent 44 story
#2076717 by Royal Eduardo

Excerpt: “Do not be afraid, Shelly. You know why I’m here,” His voice was deep and gravelly like Kathleen Turner’s. A chill went down my spine.

Doves In The Fog...  (E)
An unusual story of love
#1358701 by Freewind

Excerpt: He was almost home when he heard a screech of tires as he turned around he saw the truck as it had begun to spin out of control on the iced highway.

The Fog  (13+)
War Contest
#1983112 by Odessa Molinari

Excerpt: The fog was getting thicker as I crossed Tower Bridge. I clutched the railings and felt my way across. In better times I would have had a torch to help me but with the blackout that was not a good idea. When I felt stone I knew I was almost across. I edged around the stonework afraid to let go. One good thing about the fog; there would be no air raid tonight.

 In the Fog  (13+)
... in the fog ... seeking ...
#1188043 by storyteller [retired]

Excerpt: Norman had a deep fear of fog. He could go out into a snow storm or torrential rainstorm, but not fog. As a kid he believed that ghosts drifted along in the fog looking for a way back into the living world and would take over his body if he were trapped by fog. Then he would become a wandering phantom in the fog. The fog hid their movements because few of the living could discern them, but he still could make out physical shapes and grotesque faces. To Norman, ghosts and fog are basically the same - fog is the chill of water vapor; ghosts the chill of death.

 Propelling Joy  (13+)
Joy, a shut-in. With the aid of her psychiatrist, she re-learns about the outside world.
#1645133 by mark st. james

Excerpt: Fear. This was a state of mind she knew well. She lived it every day of her life; an existence of solitude which forced her to hide from the outside world, anchoring her to the first floor of her brick Georgetown home.

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Ask & Answer

This month's question: Do you experience brain fog? What are some of your solutions? Send in your answer below! *Down* Editors love feedback!

Last month's "Short Stories Newsletter (December 9, 2020) question: What do you do when you don't feel like writing?

Thankful Sonali I AM WRITING! : I scribble with my crayons!

W.D.Wilcox : I stare off into space. Then suddenly I have an idea. I try to write it down, then stare off again. This goes on all day, but when it's done, I have something that my imagination created. It's different. It's unusual. It's unexpected.

Paul : I cry a lot.

beautifully deep : I look up quotes.

Crow : I don't write.

Lilli ☕ : I drink hot coffee...when I'm writing, my coffee tends to get cold cuz my hands are busy.

TheBusmanPoet : I'm either working my online store or I'm engaging my cats in indoor activities to keep them active.

LoveWhisperer : I listen to music and try to concentrate to find some inspiration.

FlyingDuckManGenesis : Try to keep my mind off how goshawful this pandemic is.

Norbanus : I write anyway. That's when some of my better ideas find their way into my head.

Steven, Rejected By All : Don't... feel... like... writing...
I know what the words mean, sure, but not in that order...
Weird. I am sure it means something.
I always want to write because it's the only way I can escape the hellscape that has been my life for the past 7 years.

Fathertymme, Winter Edition : I do not try to write, I try to think.

Anna Marie Carlson : I think of ways to pick myself up, even when things seem to be going wrong. I continue to write hoping that I'm able to help someone cope even when things seem to be a lost cause, praying for that miracle to happen and to touch a person's life because of it. I was a miracle baby.

OMWolfe : When I don't feel like writing.....I simply don't write anything.

TJ-dodging Cupid's arrows : Don't feel like writing, maybe when I'm sick or very tired. Other than that, ever since I discovered I could write, I can't think of a time when I haven't felt like writing. The problem is, I can't always think of anything to write, and way too often, there are too many interruptions that keep me from writing.

elephantsealer : When I don't feel like writing, I do a lot of imagining; like flying as a kite; or wandering the universe in a cloud of fluffy clouds; or crochet and crochet and crochet as I do all my imaginings!!!!

Rosie Best : I watch TV, play online games, and search for new writing ideas.

Mulungi : I always feel like writing. I don't know what to write sometimes though. So I just write about life.

juju : Inspired after I get the words down on the page. It's the getting started part that always difficult in where do I start the story that I have played out in my head....by the way - in color.

Jordan Richelle : I do something else creative like crochet or make jewelry or sewing projects. It helps get my creative juices going. I also put on music, it really helps my energy level.

K.Kacinskas : Taking a break and doing something else or looking for inspiration until the drive is back on.

Anna Marie Carlson : Read a Book.

Leger: Thanks for all the replies! I hope it helps everyone who struggles.

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