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Horror/Scary: February 10, 2021 Issue [#10599]

 This week: When It Feels Real
  Edited by: Lilli ☕
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About This Newsletter

Hi there! I’m your guest editor for the Horror Newsletter this week. While I am not a very good writer of horror, I do enjoy reading it! The first horror book I ever read was Salem’s Lot by Stephen King. What a place to start, right, with one of the best writers in the genre!

The setting of Salem's Lot is a small town in Maine. Since I lived many years in Maine, it was one reason why this particular book was so appealing and frightening to me.

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Letter from the editor

‘Salem’s Lot was Stephen King’s second published novel. I was drawn to this book because it’s about vampires, supposed to be scary and because like King, I also spent many years in Maine. That seemed like it was a great start and a good reason to read it at the time.

The story takes place in a fictional town called Jerusalem’s Lot (‘Salem's Lot, for short) which is based on the actual town of Yarmouth, Maine. There are a few places mentioned in the book (most of his stories) that are based on actual places. For example, The Marsten House was inspired by two different locations. The first was a vacant house of the same name in Methodist Corners. It was an abandoned, and supposedly haunted house located on Rt. 1 in Brunswick. Given that it was already abandoned when King was a young writer, it’s completely gone today.

The other is located in Durham, the Shiloh Chapel is in some ways exactly what the Marsten House was in the book. It’s just the local haunted house, the local place where something bad happened and that badness still seems to cling to it to this day. Even creepier, and perhaps intentional as it matches up so well, the Shiloh Chapel’s origin actually echoes the founding of Jerusalem’s Lot itself. Some creepy history behind Shiloh Chapel *Facepalm*.

Another interesting location is Harmony Hill Cemetery, which in reality, is called Harmony Grove Cemetery. It’s a small little cemetery located behind a church, even smaller than the cemetery in King’s novel, which served the whole town of Durham, Maine.

Since I was familiar with these towns and areas, reading the story just made it all feel so real and as though the fictional events from the book could really happen. The story, however far-fetched - I mean vampires, c’mon - felt relatable and scared me so much that I couldn’t read the book at night!

Now it’s your turn! Write a short story and use your town as the setting. Be sure to drop me an email so I can read it!

Editor's Picks

Dismal Creek  (13+)
A short story based on a real ghost legend from East Tennessee.
#2172266 by ForeverDreamer (Vaccinated)

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow  (18+)
Grafton has a seismic experience. Winner of SCREAMS!!! Feb 03 2021.
#2243390 by Beholden

The Pewter Whistle  (13+)
Ralphie and Meridith make a discovery that changes everything
#2213344 by iKïyå§ama

Mistaken Identity  (E)
No Dialogue Contest Jan 2021
#2241973 by cdcraftee

 The Hospital  (18+)
The inhabitants of a small town find themselves in the middle of an unknown outbreak.
#2203800 by K.Kacinskas

Vengeance.  (13+)
Do you know who's behind you on the road? Hope it's not a bloke like this driver.
#2241092 by Pennywise

She Smiles at Me  (ASR)
Short horror poem
#2241826 by Joleigh Aubaugh

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