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Fantasy: February 17, 2021 Issue [#10615]

 This week: Cryptids
  Edited by: Prosperous Snow Celebrating
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2. A Word from our Sponsor
3. Letter from the Editor
4. Editor's Picks
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6. Ask & Answer
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About This Newsletter

February has been an inspiring month. I received two blog prompts that inspired me to use cryptids in the response. The first, was the February 5 entry, "Midweek Reflections on Weird News and Secret Admirers. The second was in the February 13 entry, "Little Green Men and Other Cryptids. While I'm not an expert on either Cryptids or Urban Legends, I find the stories and eyewitness account of them intriguing. I especially enjoy reading them when I get tired of all the all the news on the local and national news site.

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Letter from the editor

What is a cryptid? According to the dictionaries I consulted, one of which was the Oxford dictionary, a cryptid is any animal whose existence is in question. While there are numerous eyewitness accounts for the majority of cryptids, the reliability of the eyewitness accounts is considered questionable.

What is an urban legend? According to the Oxford dictionary, an urban legend--urban myth--is a widely circulated story that is supposed to be true. Does this mean that cryptids are urban legends? Until I discover some reliable scientific evidence to the contrary, my opinion is: Yes, cryptids are part of the urban legend phenomenon.

Have you ever seen a Yeti or Sasquatch? Before I answer that question, let me say, that I prefer the terms Sasquatch or Yeti rather than Bigfoot. I like the traditional terms for these cyptids because they sound more exotic. The answer to the question is No, I've never seen any type of cryptid. This doesn't mean that I'm opposed to using cryptids in stories or poems.

A cryptid can be used as a protagonist, antagonist, or another type of character. They can be used to move the plot along, show character's phobia, or send a message to the readers. I used Sasquatch in the poem "The Reason for Sasquatch Sightings to send a message about the environment. If you want more information about cryptids, do a search of cryptids. If you want to narrow the search you can search for them by state or country.

Editor's Picks

A different tradition.
#2240884 by dog pack:saving4 premium renew

Excerpt: The future of mankind had changed dramatically especially in recent years after the strange visit from beings from another planet. Earthlings remembered the many different holidays which they delighted in enjoying and celebrating each year. Those days were sorely missed and dwelling on them made many people feel seriously depressed.

Ancient History  (E)
An alternative creation story
#2237096 by Lostwordsmith

Excerpt: Over the river and through the woods,
         I ran from the truth to hide.
         The version of truth we learned in our youth,
         our historians have lied, LIED!

Sasquatch: Real or Myth  (13+)
Article is in response to Mythical Creature or Monsters #4 by Prosperous Snow
#2083919 by GaelicQueen

Excerpt: I don’t recall any of mythological stories handed down in my family. I have often wondered if humans have an indelible imprint on their brains of a pre-birth memory of creatures to avoid in their environment.

The End  (E)
AEIOU and sometimes Y is the last thing that exists after the world ends.
#2242009 by Anni Pon

Excerpt: 5 minutes ago,
         the world ended.

Exploration  (E)
Young Ornak sneaks out and goes exploring, finds a creature, and is found by a creature.
#2200850 by Baloney Bill

Excerpt: Ornak slipped past the familiar, satiated faces at the feeding grounds; past this moon's appointed hunters, butchers and preparers; past the simulated lights, scents, and noises which drew animals into the compound for slaughter; and crept out into unprotected territory. He wasn't hungry, and he didn't care about the danger. The dangers were overstated at any rate. He had snuck out many times before and had always returned unscathed and, to be honest, somewhat disappointed.

 Sphere of Vibrant Colors  (E)
Inspired by a colorful sphere I saw somewhere.
#2239468 by Maribel is a Dancing Poet

Excerpt: Swimming in a ball of flames
         Floating in a circle of hues.
         Soaring in a ring of reds and greens,
         I hover inside strokes of blues.

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Ask & Answer

brom21 writes: It would be fun if a person came up with their own superstitions. I can think of a lot of them! I recall that one myth or legend when the planets align and something is supposed to happen. I should Google it. lol. Oh, and remember; you must find the jade monkey before the next full moon.

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