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Poetry: February 17, 2021 Issue [#10617]

 This week: Little Pearl Buttons
  Edited by: Fyn
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About This Newsletter

You just gotta use the sunset as a reset button and start over in the morning with every chance you get to open your eyes. ~~Victoria Monet

We all get so caught up in the moment of what we're doing every day, it's hard to hit that reset button and get pulled away from all that and see life from a different perspective. ~~Tony Stewart

Real friendship, like real poetry, is extremely rare - and precious as a pearl. ~~Tahar Ben Jelloun

All art is autobiographical. The pearl is the oyster's autobiography. ~~Federico Fellini

For memory, we use our imagination. We take a few strands of real time and carry them with us, then like an oyster we create a pearl around them. ~~John Banville

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Letter from the editor

Two thoughts have been scrambling round and round in my head. They worm their way through dreams, they pop up at odd moments during the day. Pearl Buttons and What's on the other side of the page. The page idea is not like turning a page but seeing the other perspective. The pearls because I just recently realized how many pearls I have (individual mostly) and all the varied things they mean, stories they hold. How they reflect things people have told me. Or friends I've made or occurrences during my life.

The pearls specifically were pushing hard. I am at something of a crossroad and they were flashing at me, tripping me up, and flinging themselves at me like miniature snowballs. The poem rather exploded out of me. It is still very rough, but the first push is out there. I'll let it mellow, then tear it apart and mess with it more.

The thing is, I needed to write it out. To get it out of my system. Else I explode! Sometimes, that's what poems need to do. Explode out of us. Burst forth! Doesn't matter if every word is a gem. Doesn't matter if a line is too short or too long. The joy, the intense joy of revision awaits! And now there is room in my head for something else. I can speak without trying to form words around a mouth full of pearls!

There is much more I want this poem to say. Indeed, it might be three or four poems when all is said and done. Perhaps a book. Who knows? I do not. But that is perfectly okay. It is out in the ether. Oddly enough, though I can print it out on a page, it is not written in stone. I can carve in new characters (words, verses) or simply, wipe them smooth. Dare I say polish it? (Yeah, yeah ... bad joke but it has been a long day!)

As I have told many people many times, a draft is just that. A draft. Whether or not it is announced as the same, doesn't really matter. I know when I have 'finished' something and when I haven't. Even when I have, I might go back years later a mess with a piece some more. Or perhaps write something new, a codicil of sorts as vision and perspective change with additional years under the belt.

The other thing I want to say along these lines is to take the time to get the thoughts out. Give yourself that precious gift of where your mind, your head is at at any particular moment in time. Don't let it get lost in the shuffle of 'too much else going on.'

Editor's Picks

 Pearl Buttons, Pearls Button  (E)
Just buttons ... or ...?
#2244473 by Fyn

Natural Pearls  (E)
contemplating gems made out of grains of sand- parenting metaphor
#843873 by Lobelia is truly blessed

 Dad's Pearls / A Portrait  (E)
Wisdom of the fathers... Dad's words are pearls. (too many to mention here for now)
#1264337 by turtlemoon-dohi

 Pearls  (E)
Sitting in the warm sun
#2235673 by Merrijane

Pearls  (E)
Need the write. Feb. 4, 2020
#2212039 by Blue Moon

Pearls of Wisdom (An Anniversary Poem)  (E)
Some times it's not what they say... it's what you hear. (Humor)
#1586897 by 🌓 HuntersMoon

Tears and dreams of love.
#2116590 by Dr M C Gupta

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Ask & Answer

Lilli ☕ says: Excellent newsletter and definitely food for thought!

Monty comments: I agree. My thought is often the title and also the ending line of my poem.

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