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Spiritual: April 07, 2021 Issue [#10700]

 This week: Celebrating Spring
  Edited by: Prosperous Snow writing poetry
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About This Newsletter

Spring has arrived! Spring has come with all its beauty, promise of spiritual renewal, delightful holidays, and joyful Holy Days. Christians celebrate Easter and the resurrection of His Holiness Christ. Baha'is celebrate a New Year (Naw-Ruz on the vernal equinox) and the Declaration of Baha'u'llah at Ridvan (from sunset on April 19 to sunset on May 1.

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Letter from the editor

Does spring have a spiritual significance? Yes, the spiritual significance of spring is renewal and transformation. Just as nature is renewed with plants blooming and animals, giving birth, so are spirits are renewed by the warming weather and the sunshine. This time if year, I can go outside, look up at the mountains, and see them transformed by patches of green peeking out from the brown mountainside.

As I type this, I can hear sparrows singing in the trees outside of my apartment. In the evenings the silent streets of my neighborhood are transformed by the joyous shouts of children playing. Even the pigeons--that nest in the palms, pine trees, and on the apartment house roofs--are more active. It is spring in the northern hemisphere, while people in the southern hemisphere need to wait a few months for the same thing to happen there.

What is the spiritual meaning of spring? This can be seen in some of the sacred celebrations and commemorations that occur. The resurrection of his Holiness Christ (Easter Sunday), Passover, Naw-Ruz, and the declaration of Baha'u'llah during the twelve days of Ridvan. In addition, there is Khordad Sal, commemorating the birth of His Holiness Zarathustra, and Maha Shivaratri, the festival that celebrates Shiva.

All of these holy days and sacred celebrations emphasize the spiritual meaning of spring. This is a wonderful time of year. This is a joyous time of year. All of these celebrations and Holy Days can be commemorated in poems. Even an individual's personal spring celebration can show the transformation of the individual that occurs when we step outside into the warm weather and inhale the beautiful fragrance of spring.

Do you have any stories, poems, or essays that celebrate renewal and transformation? If so, please submit them to this newsletter.

Editor's Picks

The Kiss  (E)
The kiss.. and that which followed it.. (An Abhanga poem)
#1856792 by Princess Zelda

Excerpt: Thrice I cried,"My Father,
         Let this cup pass from me".
         My men never did see
         the pain and tears.

Festival of Colours  (E)
If you guess Holi, then congratulations!
#2243747 by Lurie Park

Excerpt: Holi is a popular ancient Hindu festival, also known as the "festival of spring", the "festival of colours", and the "festival of love". The festival signifies the triumph of good over evil. It originated and is predominantly celebrated in India, but has also spread to other regions of Asia and parts of the Western world through the diaspora from the Indian subcontinent.

 Paradise  (E)
heel-ball, heel-ball, /their snap of fingers /twirling in the shadows /cast by sun.
#1255793 by Kåre Enga, P.O. 22, Blogville

Excerpt: Bouncing heel-ball, heel-ball,
         the boy dances while the music plays
         and young girls snap their fingers,
         prancing through the light and shadows
         on this day.

 Easter Memories  (E)
Childhood holidays
#2118314 by D.B.

Excerpt: And Easter. Well Easter was one of those childhood holidays I really liked because the weather was finally warm for awhile and everyone seemed happier because of it. It seemed like a very hopeful time of year (and still does)...

 Vernal Equinox is Nigh  (E)
A Sedoka form poem
#2034251 by iluvhorses

Excerpt: Ho! Winter's defeat:
         Black snow and debris retreat,
         Crouching piles scowl in shadows.

 The first  (13+)
Entry for Passover contest
#2082164 by Neohippy

Excerpt: Aviva awoke to the sounds of high-pitched moaning, and felt her heart leap in her chest. It had happened. The plaintive wails drifting through the crumbling walls of her hut made it clear that the Lord’s final warning had not been in vain. Egypt was in mourning.

Submitted by Readers

The Lighthouse Poetry Contests
#2236617 by dog pack:saving4 premium renew

Excerpt: He had no place to lay his head
         No home, no inn, a stable had his bed
         Jesus chose to be born that wonderful night
         Regardless of circumstances, he didn’t fright

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Ask & Answer

dog pack:saving4 premium renew writes: I agree that prayer and fasting is powerful. This is something I want to do but often fail in my attempts. As long as I keep working on this, with God and His helps I will be successful. This can be helpful when writing because clarity and the gaining of knowledge gives birth to ideas that otherwise may not occur. Spiritual things can happen for peoples benefit and for unique writing that is beneficial to the reader. Earthly and spiritual things often work together especially when we are focused and empty which allows room for thought and learning. This knowledge can be used to share ideas and help the creative writing process no matter the subject matter. The physical and spiritual go together and work together. Writing and reading go together also. Safe travels and many blessings.

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