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Fantasy: June 09, 2021 Issue [#10808]

 This week: Myths of the Spider
  Edited by: Prosperous Snow writing poetry
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About This Newsletter

Behold the spider's web!
Can you see nature's beauty unfolded?
Do you see adaptation to the highest degree,
in the spider's web molded?

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Letter from the editor

Spiders are common creatures in every country of the world. They are also common in the myth and folklore universe. In some myths they are the creator and in others the trickster. In all their incarnations they weave webs of some type and are symbols of patience and persistence. They are also inspirations to artist of all types and genre.

One of the most well-known myths is about Arachne, who challenged Athena to a weaving competition. When the competition was over, Athena found that Arachne's weaving was of a better quality, so Athena angrily destroyed it. Arachne, in a fit of depression, hung herself. Athena, for whatever reason, turned the rope into a web and Arachne into a spider.

In some Native American legends, spiders make an appearance in the creation stories. In the Hopi legends, Spider woman is the representation of the Earth goddess. She assisted Towa, the Sun god, in creating the human race. While in Cherokee folklore, Grandmother spider is the woman who brought light to the world.

In the folklore of West Africa, Anansi--a spider--is the trickster god, who continually causes trouble and plays tricks on humans and his fellow animals. In Celtic myths, spiders are beneficial and associated with weaving. According to one source, they could also be associated with the Celtic goddess Arianrhod.

Question: Is there a better metaphor for the Internet than a spider's web? Why or why not?

Editor's Picks

Fairy Nuff  (18+)
An unusual fortune teller. Winner of SCREAMS!!! February 22 2021.
#2244862 by Beholden

Excerpt: I found the sign completely by accident - an arrow pointing up a side road and “Snot County Fayre” written in hastily-painted black lettering. It did not seem particularly official and the narrow road indicated was not very promising either. I can’t imagine anything more tempting to my curiosity.

 The Nymphs of Asthamie  (13+)
A space trucker makes an unsettling discovery about her cargo.
#2250093 by Aminomina

Excerpt: Safely out of the planet’s atmosphere, Margot let off the throttle and turned on autopilot. Outside her viewport on the starboard side of the ship, she could see the transport security shuttle following close behind. With an OK over the radio, she turned off comms and leaned back in her seat. What a strange little planet.

Welsh Dragons & Their Legends  (E)
research on Welsh dragons on our Earth and their legends
#1982352 by Elfin Dragon - contest hunting

Excerpt: The image of a dragon that most have is of creatures with a rough scaly skin like a leather hide couch, bat-like webbed wings and vicious claws. Such was the dragon of Wales who fought a lengthy battle with his foe and is now remembered by Welsh on their national flag. The Welsh Dragon was associated with Wales in the Historia Brittonum. This ancient text, purportedly written around 830 by the monk Nennius, is the earliest known history of the Britons, and neighbouring Wales. In the Historia a struggle is described between two dragons, deep underground beneath the hill of Dinas Emrys in Wales which prevented King Vortigern from building a castle in Britain.

Surrender to Command  (18+)
Two agents confront each other over their abandoning of a dying planet.
#1683710 by hiryuu

Excerpt: As dawn creeps over the jagged peaks of the Katarik Mountains, it brings with it a deep orange hue, uncommon for the city in the valley below. The eerie light is the product of more than three months of drought, combined with an unprecedented heat wave. The air is laden with dust, stirred up from fields that now bear nothing but scorched crops. The ridges that once stood as green guardians between the sea and Hakari Prime’s capital city show little contrast in color against the sky above. Once full of life, the forest that covers the face of the mountains now stands as a tinderbox waiting to explode.

Welcome To Fantasy Garden  (E)
A prose and story about Fantasy Garden.
#1272621 by Princess Megan Rose

Excerpt: Welcome to Fantasy Garden.
         You will find beautiful flowers of every color
         and beautiful seas and oceans of blue and green.
         It is peaceful here and the trees bear fruits and flowers.

 Eat your words  (E)
Author finds herself out of her depth
#2250389 by Sumojo

Excerpt: I was lost. Panicked, I began to run, but the further I went the more I realised I recognised none of my surroundings. Heart racing, I wanted to scream, but forced myself to stop running, to take a breath.

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Ask & Answer

Elfin Dragon - contest hunting writes: First, thank you for using my poem
Jack, the Beanstalk & the Gods  (E)
a wild version of Jack & the Beanstalk
#2249549 by Elfin Dragon - contest hunting
. The only stories I can recall reading that had shape-shifting dragons were the Dragonlance novels. I am writing my own novel(s) in which most of the dragons have the ability to shape-shift. My own main character is a hybrid dragon (elf/dragon) and has the ability.

BIG BAD WOLF is 32 on 6/3/21 writes: I got all kinds of stories, some have dragons and other reptilians.

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