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 This week: Trinkets
  Edited by: Annette
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About This Newsletter

Dear Writing.Com members,
Writing and reviewing are the bread and butter of our existence here. Trinkets are the salt, the spices, the sugar, and the frosting. If you don't like the food analogies, let's call them sticker collections.

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Letter from the editor


Love them or hate them, most everyone on this site has at least heard of trinkets. But what are they, really? You might remember the sticker collection albums from your childhood. Trinkets are kind of like that. Once you are hooked, you want them all. However, they have one distinct advantage: You will never have the two of the same kind in the bag. Each trinket will be unique. When trinkets first arrived on the site, they were a huge trend. Many members tried their hand at creating one. Because trinkets can be limited by how many can be collected, they can cause quite the excitement.

Trinkets are one of the creations of the site owners to give us more autonomy to create pictures that can work in similar ways to merit badges. The main feature is that you can make your own trinkets. In contrast, merit badges are handcrafted by The StoryMistress . While ordering a merit badge costs 500,000 gift points, a trinket has a creation fee of only 50,000 gift points. All you needed is an image and a little bit of text.

"Writing.Com 101 gives a good explanation of the technical aspects of trinkets here "Beta: Trinkets. This document explains how to make a trinket, collect it, and more of the technical aspects.

You can find all trinkets made by all members in The Book of Trinkets  . I should say you can view them. The Book of Trinkets is a showcase of what's possible. You will have to go and find the trinkets around the site. Many trinkets give a clue or tell you outright where to find them.

And what do they do? So many things.

They can be used to lure other members into a hide and seek game in portfolios. They can be used as incentives to enter contests. Trinkets show up on fundraiser activities as freebies or as part of the loot in auction packages or raffle tickets. Trinkets are a fun way to share some personal history. Some members use trinkets as a community building tool on the newsfeed through games and riddles. Next-level trinket creators use trinkets as keys to open up some of their items. It's really quite tricky to catch them all. But oh so much fun!

Have you ever created a trinket and used it as a key to open one of your items?
Let me know in the comment box below.

Editor's Picks

Helena's Shoe Closet  (18+)
A Collection of Helena's Footwear
#2213181 by KingsSideCastle

A Writing Exercise  (18+)
For those wanting to improve their story writing, overcome writer's block or just practice
#2219764 by A E Willcox

Trinkets on Display  (E)
Missing Trinkets? Check for them here...
#2083757 by ruwth

MechGrammical  (13+)
A forum for your questions (and answers) about writing mechanics and grammar.
#2160953 by Satuawany

Greatness in Gratitude  (E)
A group for positivity.
#2237909 by Legerdemain

Keenest Joker  (18+)
Use your sense of humor and win gift points. Try not to laugh.
#1944443 by Matt 2021 Dean

Trinkets  (E)
Trinkets and where to find them.
#2224322 by Schnujo

My Merit Badges and Trinkets Page  (E)
Merit Badges I had commissioned and Trinkets friends helped me make. I made some as well.
#2123111 by Princess Megan Rose

Trinkets for Collection  (E)
Here are all my trinkets that are free to collect for anyone.
#2175534 by Annette

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Ask & Answer

There were no replies to my last contests & activities newsletter "My Precious.

I will leave you with a fun survey to test your knowledge of grapes. Please play responsibly.

Wonderful World of Grapes!  (18+)
Test your knowledge of all things grape-y.
#2230610 by Petra Pansky

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