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 This week: The Unexplained...
  Edited by: Kittiara
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About This Newsletter

Has anything weird ever happened to you? Something you cannot explain? If so, you are not alone!

This week's Drama Newsletter is all about those weird, spooky moments.


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Letter from the editor

Have you ever experienced anything weird and creepy? I bet most of us have. And most of the time, these experiences can be explained. I remember one night when I was a teenager… I was in bed, fast asleep, until something woke me up. When I did, the bed was shaking. I had never experienced anything like that before! Being a fan of horror novels and creepy movies I felt an icy tingle of dread crawl up my spine. I wanted to call out to my mom and dad, but I was at that age where going to your parents for help is seriously uncool. Still, a shaking bed was not normal, and in the dark of the night everything’s extra spooky. So I nearly legged it to my parents’ bedroom after all and was only spared major embarrassment by the fact that whatever was causing the issue had decided to stop. It took me a long time to fall back asleep. I kept eyeing every surface of my room, filled with suspicion. The next morning I discovered I’d been through my first earthquake. My parents had slept right through it.

It has been nearly 20 years since I moved to this house and it can be an odd little place. Sometimes I’ll be in my room or in the bath and I hear heavy footsteps going up and down the stairs, even when I know nobody’s home. I know that wood can make a sound when settling, but I doubt it sounds like this. It reminds me of when I was a child… we lived in this old home and many a night I’d be in bed and it would feel like a cat jumped up onto the mattress with me, spin around a few times and settle. We did not have a cat at that time. When we moved the invisi-cat did not move with us and I actually missed it.

In the first years that I lived here I’d sometimes have the sense that there was someone in the corner opposite my bedroom door, staring at me, and I’d feel a chill from that area of the room. I figured it was just my imagination – again, I have read way too many horror novels. When a Canadian friend of mine came to stay, however, things got very weird. I’d given her my bedroom for the duration of her stay, moving into the attic room temporarily. One night she asked me, uncertainly, if I’d ever had a strange experience in this house. And she mentioned that corner, and how it felt as though someone was staring at her, and the chill. I’d never told her about that. She ended up writing a horror story that featured my bedroom… Then when my sister came to stay, the same thing happened. I hadn’t mentioned it. She brought it up. Knowing that it’s not something easily spoken about it must have been a pretty powerful experience for them. Both also heard the footsteps on the stairs. Yes, this is an odd house.

These are events that I do not know how to explain. When you have multiple people having the very same experience it hits differently to when it’s just you. They weren’t messing about, either. They were pretty creeped out. Yet, there must be a rational explanation. I am not a superstitious person in general.

You may have had your own experiences. Many people who I’ve spoken with since had something odd happen at some point in their life. As writers, we can tap into that. We can use those moments to insert that touch of the unknown in our stories, safe in the knowledge that most, if not all of our readers will know what it is like to have that shiver running down your spine, or the hairs standing up in your neck. It doesn’t have to be a horror story, either. Life, thankfully, isn’t always a horror story and yet we wander into spooky territory, often when we least expect it…


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