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Mystery: September 22, 2021 Issue [#10990]

 This week: The perfect hiding place
  Edited by: Arakun the Twisted Raccoon
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About This Newsletter

Quote for the week: "Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth."


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Letter from the editor

Mysteries often involve a people or things being hidden. In some stories, the main mystery is finding what has been hidden. In others locating what has been hidden is an important clue to solving the main mystery.

Both good or bad characters might want to hide things in a mystery story. The protagonist or potential victim might need a hiding place to escape a killer or abuser. They might want to hide a valuable or important item to prevent it being stolen. A criminal might look for a place to hide a body or proceeds of a crime, or might need to hide out to elude law enforcement.

If you were in danger, where would you hide? Do you have a place where you know you would not be found? Options for characters looking for hiding places will vary based on their situations. A wealthy character might have more options than a poor one. A poor character might not have money or a vehicle that would allow them to travel outside their home area.

Sometimes the best place to hide might be in plain sight. A person who is hiding might wear a disguise and go out in public or might disguise a valuable item as an ordinary one. In my city, a man robbed a bank that was next to a mall. Afterward, he ran to the mall, threw the hat, coat, and glasses he had been wearing into a trash can, and vanished into the crowd.

A famous person or one with very distinctive features might have more difficulty disguising themselves than the average person. However, some celebrities have managed to appear in public without being recognized by not wearing makeup or styling their hair in a different way.

Remember that other features besides appearance might need to be altered for a person who is in disguise. In Ben Aaronovitch's "Rivers of London," the main character recognized his former colleague who was in disguise by the way she walked. A young man disguised as an elderly gentleman might give himself away by his movements or posture. I read one story where a 35 year old man disguised as a 70 year old gave himself away by saying he heard the call of a bird that is almost impossible to hear by anyone over 60.

Something to try: Write a mystery story where a character is in disguise.

Editor's Picks

The Ramstein Gate: Chapter One  (ASR)
An old stone doorway is found, following a storm, in a garden in Germany...
#2255702 by LightinMind

The Terror of Bridgewater Triangle  (13+)
A hike in a forest became a nightmare when two women experience its scary paranormal.
#2166181 by Hocus-Pocus-Jeannie 🦇

A Woman of Honor  (E)
Obsessed with her family's history, Liz discovers a book that tells an amazing story.
#2256815 by Dee

The Desert Road  (E)
What was it that came to visit Earth? What did it bring?
#2253078 by Sumojo

The Universe is a Rubik's Cube  (13+)
It all began at a very strange bar. One that I knew, or did I?
#1583306 by Kotaro

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