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Horror/Scary: September 29, 2021 Issue [#10996]

 This week: The Topic of Horror
  Edited by: W.D.Wilcox
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2. A Word from our Sponsor
3. Letter from the Editor
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About This Newsletter

1. “So where do the ideas—the salable ideas—come from? They come from my nightmares. Not the night-time variety, as a rule, but the ones that hide just beyond the doorway that separates the conscious from the unconscious.”
—Stephen King, “The Horror Writer Market and the Ten Bears”

2. “The first thing you have to know about writing is that it is something you must do everyday. There are two reasons for this rule: Getting the work done and connecting with your unconscious mind.”
—Walter Mosley

3. “I hope people are reading my work in the future. I hope I have done more than frightened a couple of generations. I hope I’ve inspired a few people one way or another.”
—Richard Matheson

4. “When one is writing a novel in the first person, one must be that person.”
—Daphne du Maurier

5. “When I write, I try to think back to what I was afraid of or what was scary to me, and try to put those feelings into books.”
—R.L. Stine

6. “[Horror fiction] shows us that the control we believe we have is purely illusory, and that every moment we teeter on chaos and oblivion.”
—Clive Barker

7. “Beauty is the sole legitimate province of the poem.”
—Edgar Allan Poe

8. “I have always loved to use fear, to take it and comprehend it and make it work and consolidate a situation where I was afraid and take it whole and work from there.”
—Shirley Jackson

9. “Writing is writing, and stories are stories. Perhaps the only true genres are fiction and nonfiction. And even there, who can be sure?”
—Tanith Lee

10. “I always wanted to be in the world of entertainment. I just love the idea of an audience being happy with what I am doing. Writing is showbusiness for shy people. That’s how I see it.”
—Lee Child

11. “I don’t think there is enough respect in general for the time it takes to write consistently good fiction. Too many people think they will master writing overnight, or that they are as good as they will ever be.”
—Tananarive Due

12. “What I love about the thriller form is that it makes you write a story. You can’t get lost in your own genius, which is a dangerous place for writers. You don’t want to ever get complacent. If a book starts going too well, I usually know there’s a problem. I need to struggle. I need that self-doubt. I need to think it’s not the best thing ever.”
—Harlan Coben

"My reason for writing stories is to give myself the satisfaction of visualising more clearly and detailedly and stably the vague, elusive, fragmentary impressions of wonder, beauty, and adventurous expectancy which are conveyed to me by certain sights (scenic, architectural, atmospheric, etc.), ideas, occurrences, and images encountered in art and literature."
—H.P. Lovecraft

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Letter from the editor

The Topic of Horror

We've all been to that place where what you're reading or watching takes a totally unexpected twist; one that makes you say, "I didn't see that coming!" That's what makes writing horror so gratifying to me. That's why I love doing it.

I've been around here for quite awhile and have written many newsletters and stories. I don't know how many I got left in me. Hell, I never know if I'll even wake up tomorrow. Nevertheless, I've covered every topic I can think of and still, there's always something else, one more tidbit of information to chew and gobble.

It always helps to have a good idea on what to write about. You'll know if it's good. If it just stays with you for a long time like a festering tooth, there's got to be a reason. The thing to remember when writing horror is that if it scares you, more than likely it'll scare somebody else.

Anyway, here's to you and, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Life. May God bless you all.

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Editor's Picks

On the Topic of Horror

 Spider Tattoo  (GC)
Somethings wrong with that spider tattoo.
#1658239 by Kotaro

Mad Cow Pasture  (13+)
You Never Know What Will Develop in October
#2233710 by ♥HOOves♥

Undead Ambition  (18+)
A method actor aspires to greatness. Winner of SCREAMS!!! Pop-Up Contest, 09.17.21.
#2258557 by Beholden

The Terror of Bridgewater Triangle  (13+)
A hike in a forest became a nightmare when two women experience its scary paranormal.
#2166181 by Jeannie✨

Inmate 1128  (18+)
sometimes the punishment doesn't fit the crime...
#2092224 by Jim Hall

Watching Always  (13+)
Some say I'm crazy, just a little touched -
#2234521 by iKïyå§ama

Snokum Joe  (18+)
Late at night in a graveyard
#2233861 by W.D.Wilcox

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