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Mystery: October 06, 2021 Issue [#11011]

 This week: Darkness
  Edited by: Annette
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About This Newsletter

“When you light a candle, you also cast a shadow.”
― Ursula K. Le Guin

“Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.”
― Mark Twain

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Letter from the editor


This past summer, I started walking on a track. It is a track that is not attached to a school. Instead, it is open to the public. There is a five-lane running track and a soccer field in the middle. First come first served. Since I started using the track in May, I have come to recognize many of the regulars. There is a whole crew of people who show up regularly at the same time as me.

While I recognize people and I know some of them recognize me, we do not speak to one another. We are strangers to each other. We preserve the mystery of our identities, of our schedules, and why we are there on some days, but not there on other days.

After a couple of months of walking and interval run/walking, I graduated to running three to five miles on those running days. 6 a.m. was the preferred time to get started. In summer, 6 a.m. was already daylight. Now, 6 a.m. is pitch black. When I am at the beginning of the 100 meters straightaway, I can't see who is at the other end. The track is covered in darkness. The identities of the other people on the track are even more mysterious.

I find that I do not enjoy running in pitch black darkness. At that time of day, I am still tired. I don't want to wonder or worry. I just want to run. The mystery of what's in front of me is too thick, too daunting, too much.

What does that have to do with writing?

Mystery writing includes a lot of stories that happen in the night. In the darkness. Victorian mystery stories had the perfect setting. Gaslight casts an eerie shine, but does not truly pierce the darkness. Even bright flashlights are limited to a beam that cuts through darkness.

When you write a mystery scene that happens in the night, ask yourself how far can your characters really see? What can they see. Is what they see real? And if they see someone ... who is it? what does he want? why is one of her arms longer than the other? and why are even black cats grey at night?

Do you fear darkness or do you live in darkness?

Editor's Picks

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#2255293 by McFar

Fear of Darkness   (E)
A young boy is scared of the dark and loses his favourite toy.
#2228021 by Zhen

 When Darkness Strikes: The beginning  (13+)
A fiction journey that will take the characters to where they never dream existed
#1740686 by Bobo

The Beacon of Darkness  (E)
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The Shadow That Came (2nd. and 3rd.)  (18+)
"What is beyond darkness?" It asked me. (1st. SUPERNATURAL WRITING CONTEST)
#1867995 by ChrisDaltro-Chasing Moonbeams

What a Character! : Official WDC Contest  (E)
Create a memorable character using the given prompt for huge prizes!
#1679316 by Writing.Com Support

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