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Fantasy: November 24, 2021 Issue [#11084]

 This week: Creation Myths
  Edited by: Prosperous Snowwoman
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About This Newsletter

One thing humans appear to have always been curious about is how the universe, Earth, and human beings came into existence. Therefore, they tried to answer that question through creation legends, stories, and myths. Every culture on Earth has some type of creation story.

Have you every written a creation story about the world or worlds in your fantasy stories? If not, try writing one. If you are not sure what elements to include in this story, check out the creation story of your own culture or other cultures on Earth.

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Letter from the editor

Creation myths are common to all cultures, and often form the foundation of our personal belief systems. They helped our ancestors make sense of the world the lived in. They can help us understand our ancestors and ourselves, because of what they reveal about human beings.

The creation stories of different cultures are individual to each culture, while having aspects that are in common with the myths of other cultures. As fantasy writers, we can, and perhaps need to, write one for the world and characters we are creating. If you want to write one for your own fantasy world, begin by looking at the creation stories of your own culture and those around you.

Some of these stories focus more on the creation of human beings themselves rather than the world or the universe. Others deal with what came before the creation of the world. In either case they teach us about story telling and what our ancestors considered important when it come to the creation of the universe and of human beings.

Creation stories that you can investigate are in the Rig Veda, Genesis, Babylonian stories, and those to do with the creation of humans. All of them are interesting to read and give the basic ingredients that you need to write a creation myth of your own.

What are some of the creation stories of your culture or area of the world? Do they focus on the creation of the universe and the world or just the creation of human beings? Have you written a creation myth for one of your fantasy novels or characters? Please let me know. The deadline for the next newsletter is Thursday, December 16. Content rating for any stories is 18+.

Editor's Picks

The Agenda  (13+)
Babies are the key to the agenda.
#2124941 by Dee

Bellatrix Unveiled  (ASR)
Bellatrix Lestrange overhears a conversation between Narcissa Malfoy and Snape.
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There are some things you should not steal. 'What A Character' contest entry
#2151523 by A E Willcox has won NaNoWriMo

The Bone Doctor  (13+)
They called her a malady all the while seeking her help. For better or worse, she'd agree.
#2202338 by Rustika

 Imagine  (18+)
When we have no choices and no time left.
#2260968 by Grateful Fyn

 Rhymin' Rumpelstiltskin  (E)
a promise is a promise?
#2166907 by Solace.Bring

The Waters' Love  (13+)
Writer's Cramp Entry - 21-08-11 - 999 words
#2256320 by L_P

 The Algorithm  (ASR)
Left alone and forgotten, the perpetual generator began to know.
#2261831 by Finster

I am the one who dreams in deep sleep  (E)
A woman lost in the dream of a slumbering god.
#2261888 by M.D Schultz

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