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Contests & Activities: December 01, 2021 Issue [#11100]

 This week: What I miss about entering contests...
  Edited by: Dawn Embers
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About This Newsletter

Contests & Activities Newsletter by Dawn

A look back over the years, the benefit of entering contests and a lack of writing in these busy days.

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Letter from the editor

Many years ago, not right when I joined the site but a year or two in, I entered contests on a regular basis. It had a number of benefits from helping spark inspiration for new writing to trying new things I never would have considered. And it was a great social aspect for the site. I met a number of other writers doing contests, helping judge and host one particular contest and through the previous chat feature we used to have on the site. It all helped make spending time on here fun.

That was around 10 years ago. Much has changed since then as I'm no longer in my first few years of college. I'm getting a secondary degree but it's definitely not the same. I work full time (40+ usually a week) and I don't get myself to write much at all. I also haven't entered a contest in months to even over a year now. Even NaNoWriMo has become a distant activity since retail pharmacy has been non-stop busy for the past couple of years. I have wanted to enter contests over the years and even had a few ideas spark with intentions of getting something done before the deadline but I've struggled to get anything done

Probably not what you would expect for a newsletter about contests and activities, the lack of participation but my main point is coming. And that is: I miss entering contests.

Even though I'm not much of a short story writer, and novels don't work well for the online medium, there is something helpful and joy inducing about creating someone for a contest. It might not even be complete, but it helps give a spark and a necessary deadline in order to get things done. I miss connecting with other writers. And I miss writing.

Some of the contests from the past are still going. Some are new. And I'm sure all of them are happy for any entry that they receive. For December, I hope to enter one or two writing contests here.

What about you? Do you enter contests? Have you been on hiatus? Let's write and help each other out by boosting the different contests around the site with some entries.

Editor's Picks

Short Shots: Official WDC Contest  (ASR)
Use the photo to inspire your creativity. Write a short story and win big prizes!
#1221635 by Writing.Com Support

Of course there's a Veterans Day - EVERY DAY!
#423698 by Monty

The Writer's Cramp is 20!!  (13+)
Write the best STORY OR POEM in 24 hours and win 20K GPs during our Birthday Party Week!
#333655 by Sophy - Happy B'Day Cramp 🥳

Magic Words Contest   (13+)
A fantasy short story contest. Fantastic Prizes. CLOSED
#1871010 by A E Willcox

The Contest Challenge  (13+)
Join by entering a contest a month for 12 months--Win Badges! Catching up is allowed!
#2109126 by Schnujo

 New Start  (18+)
The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot. _ Michael Altschuler
#2262752 by Ari

Jack's Saturday  (13+)
"That bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot." -- Michael Altschuler
#2261414 by LightinMind

There Was a Time  (18+)
An anti-war sonnet. A contest entry.
#2183017 by D. Reed Whittaker

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Ask & Answer

Do you plan to enter a contest in December?

Last time I wrote for this newsletter, back in April, I discussed the benefits of entering contests. I asked people why they entered and here are a couple comments sent in regards to the question:

Comment by QueenNormaJean BrrAgain+Snow
I like to enter contests for the sheer enjoyment of writing. Writing to a prompt, writing to a deadline, writing with a group. Writing for a prize, writing just for the fun of it! And if I win, great! If not, well that's fine also. At least I got to write something.

Comment by dog pack:saving4 premium renew
One more benefit from entering contests is a writer can get an idea about how well they are writing. It's possible to look at the other entries and see by the results of what entries are chosen as winners to know what the contest host is looking for and then work toward IMPROVING THE WRITING. It is for me a guide to know what may be interesting to readers and when I get a favorable review or my item makes a place,emt, I know that I've accomplished writing for someone who wants to read this style or type of story.


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