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Romance/Love: January 12, 2022 Issue [#11163]

 This week: Time to Prepare for Romance
  Edited by: Dawn Embers
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About This Newsletter

Romance/Love Newsletter by Dawn

A look at the time it takes to prepare for making a romantic gesture.

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Letter from the editor

When it comes to creating a romantic moment or doing something with the intent of romance, there are a few different ways to go about them when it's done in a conscious manner. There are some actions done with romantic results that didn't have the intention but that's for a different newsletter. Today, let's consider the use of actions and time it takes to prepare in order to make a romantic gesture.

Some of them will be quick and take little effort or planning. The character might decide to do something on a whim that is romantic. It could be expected or complete surprise, depending the atmosphere and time frame in the story. Might even be a last minute, rushed gesture because something was forgotten or misplaced. There is the spouse or lover who always seems to do things at the very last minute, like birthday gifts or valentine's, but they still can be appreciated even without much planning or thought going into the actions in advance.

Others could involve a little more time or forethought. It might be a gift or a well thought about comment. In a way, this is sort of like the pre-nanowrimo talk that happens often. Are you a plotter or a pantser? Do you take time ahead to prepare and plan things out? Or do you just wing it and go with the flow? The same came be done with characters and how they approach the romantic actions or gestures, or some of the key points within their story. That is the real question here. How does your character go about their romantic life? Do they plan things? Or does the attempts to plan their life get in the way of what becomes their romance? There are some options if you really think about it. So set planning or just get to work writing their romance.

Examples of romantic gestures:
1. hold hands
2. surprise partner with favorite breakfast in bed with flowers (unless allergic or don't like flowers)
3. write and hide I Love You poems in their pockets
4. bring home their favorite dessert and watch a movie or show they enjoy
5. go on a romantic weekend trip together
6. have a special date night on a regular basis (monthly perhaps)
7. buy their favorite snack
8. make food in the shape of a heart
9. show a legit interest in their work/day
10. hide a silly photo of you on their camera roll


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Ask & Answer

Does your character take time to prepare for a romantic gesture?

Last month, I discussed the concept of the "big moment" in romance for the newsletter. Here is a comment sent over the topic:

Comment by Monty
I like this News Letter because it talks about Love and Romance, not just a story about last summer.

- Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed the newsletter.


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