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Poetry: January 12, 2022 Issue [#11166]

 This week: New Year, New Goals – Poetry Edition
  Edited by: RedWritingHood♡WDC
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About This Newsletter

"You will not find poetry anywhere unless you bring some of it with you."

Joseph Joubert (1754-1824)

"When power leads man towards arrogance, poetry reminds him of his limitations. When power narrows the area of man's concern, poetry reminds him of the richness and diversity of existence. When power corrupts, poetry cleanses."

John Fitzgerald Kennedy (1917-1963)

Word from our sponsor

Letter from the editor

New Year, New Goals – Poetry Edition

Self reflection is a good thing, and this includes your goals—in this case, your poetry writing goals.

1) What went well this year? - Did you publish? What genre? What publication? Did you get an encouraging no? Same follow up questions to the last question. Bottom line is: how can you expand on your victories?

2) What can you work on? What are your weakest links? We all can use practice on something.

3) What new poetry thing would you like to learn? This is my favorite one, because I love learning new things. My issue is I want to learn it all and that sounds great but can be self-sabotaging if working it as part of your goals (see more on this below).

Part of evaluating your goals should be evaluating not only the content of the goal but how it's stated. Why does that matter? It can mean the difference between success and failure in attaining the goals.

1) Is it specific? If it's too general, how do you know if you attained it? Or if it's even attainable within your timeframe?

2) Is it attainable? Break it up into parts, if you need to.

3) Is it measurable? If it isn't measurable, how do you know if you attained it?

4) Is it timestamped? Meaning, do you have a deadline attached to it (and this is why you also want to make sure it's attainable within that deadline).

Since you're working on goals, here's a great place to post them to keep yourself accountable—and you can earn GPS at the same time: {ritem:1949474 }

Aaaand to help you with your poetry goals, here is a poetry form to get you started. I'd love to hear why you think I selected this particular form for this newsletter.

Empat Empat Form

This form is from Malaysia


--Lines: 16 (four per stanza)

--First line is repeated in line 2 of the second stanza, line 3 in the third stanza and line 4 in the fourth stanza

--Stanzas: 4

--Meter: syllabic – usually 8 or 10 syllables, but can be shorter, just be consistent throughout..

--Rhyme in the following format: Ar = the repeated line 1 – ABAB CArCA ADArD EAEAr


--Topic: Poet's choice.

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Editor's Picks

Theme: Empat Empats

Computer Eyes  [13+]
Imminent Domain - Empat Empat
by Liam

And thus does the wind cry  [ASR]
An Empat Empat written for a poetry contest
by Amalie Cantor - We Got This!

 Wishing on a Star  [E]
For the A-Z Poetic Form Contest. An Empat Empat form.
by Oriana

 Afternoon at the Lake  [13+]
A teenage girl's lament in Empat Empat form. . .
by Weirdone-Back in the games

The Scriptophrenic Twits  [13+]
Blarneyfacturing in Empat Empat form.
by Dave

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Comments on last month's newsletter:

From: Monty
Comment: I have done this form B4 I may look back at my saved poetry just to see if I can find it.

Great, I hope you'll share it with us if you find it!
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