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Mystery: June 22, 2022 Issue [#11424]

 This week: Mystery All Around Us
  Edited by: The Tale of Adore♥
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About This Newsletter

This newsletter will discuss mysterious PLACES and OBJECTS found in America. It is a different segue from what we have discussed in the past but hopefully, it won't be boring.

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Letter from the editor

For this month's Mystery newsletter issue, I awoke one morning recently and found myself thinking about mystery. Not just mystery as a genre of writing, but how mysterious the world is.

We have places, sections and corridors in our world that if we only just considered it, we'd find them really mysterious. There was a mysterious section in one of the homes I once lived in as a child, that not one of us kids would venture in alone. Or that mysterious chest that you were forbidden to touch, I'm letting my imagination run a bit but let's just say that we're not alone in discovering mysterious places AND objects in the world.

This issue will look at the mysterious places and things that exist, that some person or persons have discovered in this world. This is a tall order but we'll try to start looking at a few things for this issue…

Across American History, mysterious places and people have existed. Many people built large geoglyphs along in California, curious lights appear in seemingly random locations, petroglyphs and carved designs of ancient and uncertain origin have been recorded, and ancient legends tell of hidden cities and giants.

To specifically look in a few places, we'll start with the mysteries of the Alaska Triangle, often times referred to as The Bermuda Triangle, where there is still land not touched by men and people still disappear at a strange rate in this Frontier state. In 1972, this area attracted attention when an aircraft carrying five passengers, one high level government official seemingly vanished into thin air while traveling from Anchorage to Juneau. Even though they scoured the area for over a month, no sign of any plane wreckage, debris, or cargo ever turned up in the search.

Since 1988, more planes went down, hikers vanished and people just disappeared never to be found. Actually, more than 16, 000 people have vanished in the Alaska Triangle with a disappearance rate of twice the national average. In a given year, more than 500-2000 people disappear in Alaska, and authorities conduct searches that rarely turn up any clues or survivors. Maybe there are evil spirits or energy vortexes that abound in the Alaska Triangle.

There are those who write about this type of beliefs or energies and Page Bryant, Terravision: A Traveler's Guide to a Living Planet Earth for further information on this mysterious part of the world.

Well, I know this was a different journey but hopefully, it wasn't all that boring. Till next time...enjoy the journey!

Editor's Picks

So here are a few selections from several Writing.com mystery writers as my picks for this month's newsletter...enjoy!

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 The Mystery of Green Street  (ASR)
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#2123358 by Creative Writer

 The Problem-Solving Company  (13+)
Says, There's..., No Crime Here. What do you think?
#2270114 by HASEYES

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Ask & Answer

I asked earlier in the newsletter if anyone had any mysterious places or town mysteries that come to mind? I just moved to South Dakota and hopefully, I will include in the next issue a response to a reader who shares back in the next issue. Till next time...

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