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Fantasy: August 03, 2022 Issue [#11488]

 This week: My Mother Read To Me
  Edited by: Snow is Writing Poetry
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About This Newsletter

One of my fondest memories from my childhood is my mother and grandmother reading to me. We had a set of books that contained fairy tales and stories by the Brothers Grimm. Mom would read to me from those books, and I used to read from them.

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Letter from the editor

I remember one story in particular, although I do not remember whether it was by the Brothers Grimm or another fairy tale author. In this story, a princess ran counterclockwise around her castle seven times at exactly sunset. This action sent her into another dimension. I decided to try it, but all it did was make me out of breath.

While the Brothers Grimm stories never transported me to another dimension, they did pique my interest in fantasy and science fiction. When I got my first library card, I gravitated to the science fiction and fantasy sections rather than any other section of the library. As I grew older, I attempted to read romance stories, but found them boring. Therefore, I stuck with the science fiction and fantasy or poetry sections.

One of my parents' or grandparents' always went to the library with my sibling and me. However, they never told us specifically what books we could or could not read. The only things that were important to them were (1) that we read and (2) that the book close to our reading level. If there were words in the book that we did not understand, we could look them up in the dictionary.

I am not sure when I began reading H.P. Lovecraft. It could have been the last year of grade school or in junior high (now middle school). As to whether the books were appropriate for my age and grade level, I have no idea. I do not think the books had any ill effects on me because my issues stem from the actions of other people toward me rather than anything I read in any science fiction or fantasy book.

Did your parents read to you? Did they encourage you to read? Was there a specific book or story that piqued your interest in a specific genre? Do you read to your children, grandchildren, or your siblings' children? Do you encourage your children to read? If so, what books do you recommend them to read?

Editor's Picks

Tee Time  (18+)
The Queen of Hearts tries a new game.
#2277268 by dragonwoman

The Gods Remember  (13+)
story for Site Contest Short Shots
#2133145 by eyestar~

Seamus’ Leprechaun  (ASR)
Could you best a leprechaun?
#2270528 by Words Whirling 'Round

New Style  (18+)
Mike makes an inovation in shoemaking.
#2276195 by dragonwoman

Percy's Night Out  (18+)
Percy meets a newcomer on his night out.
#2260960 by Beholden

 Billy's New Car  (ASR)
A retired salesman prepares to hit the post-apocalyptic road in his swanky new ride.
#2277284 by Graham B.

Collaboration Day  (13+)
A dystopian projection of current events
#2273144 by Words Whirling 'Round

The Dimension of Nonsense  (E)
Emmaline listens to a weird type of music and is teleported to an unknown universe.
#2275964 by Leslie Loo

Breakthrough  (E)
A major scientific breakthrough occurs, with a little help.
#2242002 by Anni Pon

Submitted by Readers

Synchronicity   (18+)
Teodosia makes history with her invention - “Short Shots” May 2022 - 2nd place winner
#2272829 by Christopher Roy Denton

GW, Upon Discovering His Fantastic Muse  (13+)
During the writing of this story, my own muse made herself known to me.
#2271197 by Buddhangela's Brave & Crazy

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Ask & Answer

Christopher Roy Denton writes: Thank you for plugging my short story. It's much appreciated! :)

GaelicQueen writes: I find my muse when sitting quietly before my laptop in my writing room. She arrives, tweaking my subconscious, and takes the form of each character when it is their turn to speak or take action. She often leads me down a path, whispering in my head what adventure or surprise awaits just around the corner or turn within the forest path.

Buddhangela's Brave & Crazy writes: Another great newsletter, Snow! I'd pretty much discounted the idea of muses until quite recently. Then I wrote the referenced story, and my muse has become a welcome writing companion (when I remember to invite her along!) I would never, ever blame a block on her - that's on me. *Heart* She notices when my writing wanders and reminds me who I am. *Heart*

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