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Fantasy: November 23, 2022 Issue [#11672]

 This week: Describing the Temperature
  Edited by: Snow Zombie
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About This Newsletter

I am not sure whether it is colder this year or if I am just noticing the temperature more. Anyway, it got me to thinking about how authors describe the weather and temperature in novels and short stories. Temperature and weather can help move the plot forward while revealing something about the characters.

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Letter from the editor

The cold burrowed through my flesh, penetrated my bones, and settled in the marrow to wake me from a deep sleep. I shambled to the door, opened it, and looked out. There was neither snow in the yard nor on the mountains, yet the temperature felt like it was a snow day.

That is hows I, a septuagenarian, would describe the temperature I woke up to this morning. I did not check the temperature at the time because if it was warmer, I would feel older than I do. And if it were colder, I would put off getting up to begin writing.

How would your character describe temperatures lower than 55 degrees? Remember, that age and activity could affect the way a person experiences both cold and hot temperatures. I know that at 75, I experience temperatures differently than when I was in my 20s, 30s, or 40s. Do you experience cold or heat differently than you did when you were younger? If so, use this experience to describe the temperatures your characters are feeling.

If you have any stories that use descriptions of the temperature, please submit them to this newsletter. My next newsletter will be sent on December 21, 2022.

Editor's Picks

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Invisible light  (13+)
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Song of the Vamp  (13+)
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 Out of time  (E)
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 December 18, 2023  (E)
A strange encounter while working at the mall on Black Friday.
#2284937 by fearlessnot

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Ask & Answer

brom21 writes: One tip that has proven itself is to psych yourself into writing more by just committing to writing for a mere ten minutes, and lo and behold you end up writing up a storm! I have never done NaNoWriMo before, but I am considering it. However, if you intend on eventually getting it published after editing, and your genre is fantasy, 50k words for that genre is typically too small. And, naturally, my genre of choice is fantasy. What do you think, Snow?

brom21 , Have you considered a collection of short stories. I know you probably have at least ten and maybe more. Try publishing a collection of your short stories.
Snow Zombie

Angelica- Spooky Catragon! HH! writes: Take an hour to write every day. Nanowrimo is really about developing a habit of writing 1.7k words in a day.

brom21 writes: I have too much on my plate now. I will be starting an environmental preservation volunteer grant writing gig soon. Plus, I will be doing a long-term social media project intent on conservative influence affect to put it that way. I am trying to broaden my skillsets with content writing as well as break into copywriting. But nevertheless, fantasy conception is my veritable passion and I am still querying for agents for my novel!

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