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 This week: Interactive Stories
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About This Newsletter

The purpose of this newsletter is to help the Writing.com author hone their craft and improve their skills. Along with that I would like to inform, advocate, and create new, fresh ideas for the author. Write to me if you have an idea you would like presented.

This week's Action / Adventure Editor

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Letter from the editor

Interactive Stories

When looking through the Action / Adventure genre listing with the filter off, you'll find the list is heavily populated with interactive stories. And while many of the interactives are erotic or fetish in nature, there are some interesting choose-your-ending type stories in the mix. You can also filter this list in a few different ways. The fun part of the interactive is that as a reader, you can add your own part to the story, and steer the story arc in a direction you'd like it to go. It can be a small commitment as one chapter or a big addition of a new character or story direction. Either way, it can be fun to latch on to someone else's inspiration and add your own little twist to the story. It's well worth learning how this fun WDC item works.

When you add a chapter, members who own these items get a notification that your chapter is added. The host's preferences can be set to receive this notice off-site if they wish. This lets the interactive host know someone added and there is still interest in their item. Even absent members may be inspired to come back and revisit their portfolios. You, as the item owner, can edit or delete the new addition, which is excellent if a tiny misspelled word is driving someone bonkers.

Also, if you liked or disliked the story for a specific reason, please leave a review. Even if you weren't inspired to add to the story, it's always nice to let your peers know you are reading items in their portfolio. Not only can you let them know what you think of the base of the story, but make suggestions for future additions.

Finally, if you're inspired to create a new interactive story, send me an email and I'll sponsor some ads to promote it.

This month's question: Do you have any interactive stories to recommend? (E - 18+ rated only)
Answer below *Down* Editors love feedback! *Heart*

Editor's Picks

 Problem Child  (13+)
I start to develop a strange power, what will I do?
#1632846 by Scifiwizard

Excerpt: In one thread of several of these characters, we are following one single plot. Twenty years ago, a small group of teenagers, each with unique skills or gifts, formed what they called the Problem Child Gang. This group, with other members adding to their numbers, worked to fight crime in Waterfront City like many a super team in the comic books they had read. Sadly, the entire group was nearly killed on their last mission, forcing them to give up crime fighting. Now, twenty years later, the original members of the group have kids of their own and they are developing powerful gifts of his own, making them fear a repeat of history. The parents reveal their past and try to detour their children from repeating their mistakes but fate forces them to allow the Problem Child Gang to rise again.

 Radeon Scientific  (13+)
What if a company had the ability to change everything about a person?
#2239880 by Homer J Simpson

Excerpt: Radeon Scientific has the ability to change everything about a person - both mentally and physically. What possible stories could come of this?

Death Has No Forwarding Address  (13+)
Just as Life and Death are not opposites, one's Destiny is a winding path of uncertainty
#1416118 by Walkinbird

Excerpt: May 19, 2008 I have been piloting a small, ancient brig on calm open waters. On the ship I have no personal life. Yet, there is a feeling that I am somehow connected to a person on shore. I endure pain at the very crown of my head when I try to acknowledge this connection. Suddenly a storm fills the sky and sea around me. All colors fade into the shadows of the blue-grey horizon. I have the instinct to turn the bow of my ship into the very force of the growing waves. I am aware of the real possibility of any moment crashing and dying upon sharp rocks near a choppy harbor even if everything is done "right." The connection remains despite my fears and the sense of being off-course.

There is a reassuring voice, booming with the wind, "There is only where I am, and the way to me cannot be lost. You may simply be keeping yourself out of view."

 Treasure Hunt  (13+)
You're in charge of the Office Treasure Hunt.
#1339111 by Thankful Sonali WDC Power!

Excerpt: Many years ago, I worked in an office - it doesn't matter for the moment what the company does, in fact I'd rather not say, it might be restricting in the story.

There were about 125 employees at the time I worked there.

One of our team-building activities was a treasure hunt that took us all over the city, combined with a scavenger hunt for various items. Usually, we were teamed up with people we hadn't worked with before, so we'd get to know more people. Prizes were book tokens of a nominal amount, winning was more for the glory of it.

My third year in the company, I was in charge of writing clues for this treasure hunt. It was an "open secret" - everyone knew who was doing the clues, in fact, I would stand right outside the Managing Director's room, and shout, "Bid here for clues!" I got some pretty outrageous "bids" and the Managing Director (MD) would say, "Am I paying these guys too much or are they moonlighting on my time?"

Steam  (13+)
An Exhilarating Narrative Featuring The Technological Wonders Of Our Modern Age Of Steam!
#1971954 by Eric the Fred

Excerpt: If you aren’t familiar with the steampunk genre, then think Jules Verne novels and the TV show/Movie “Wild Wild West”.

 Pirates Love  (13+)
A girl falls in love with a pirate. Is it a true love?
#100322 by Bernie

Excerpt: Catalina Sherwood, just a normal twenty year old coming back from England, and is on her way back to the United States. Her parents had sent her to a college in England. They want her to be a school teacher. Someone who is very proper, polite, and neat. On her way home, she has a run in with a ship full of pirates. They attack her ship, and kill everyone on board, except for her. When she comes out of hiding, she spots a very handsome pirate.

She goes onto their ship and through all of the terror aboard ship. She begins to have feelings for this mysterious pirate. Is it really just true love? Or just lust?

Central International Airport  (18+)
An airport with destinations and new beginnings. Take a trip.
#1079969 by Legerdemain

Excerpt: This is an airport where people can take a trip to fictional or real destinations, meet old friends or new, or escape on a new adventure.

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Ask & Answer

This month's question: Do you have any interactive stories to recommend? (E - 18+ rated only)
Answer below *Down* Editors love feedback! *Heart*

Last month's "Action/Adventure Newsletter (October 26, 2022) question: Do you enjoy creating horror stories?
Do you feel it also fits the action/adventure genre?

GaelicQueen : I like mysteries, murders, some horror (but not blood & guts), Sherlock Holmes tales.

BIG BAD WOLF is Thankful : I use plenty of Horror in my Adventures, and Adventure in my Horror.

Monty : In answer to the question. No I do not like writing horror stories.

Beholden : Not really. I've never been a fan of horror but have found the most interesting prompts tend to emanate from the horror contests. So I return far too often to the genre and have to content myself by seeking the horror in the ordinary, mundane aspects of life. Zombies and vampires are so banal, don't you think?

As to whether horror fits within the action/adventure genre, sure it does. I have yet to come across the genre that cannot join forces with another. It's no hardship to think of three genres that fit with most of my short stories (for Quill and SEO purposes).

brom21 : I have trouble with tying up loose ends. I can go on and on without regarding the final repercussions of the plot and/or characters. lol. My method is to create a broad scale world that can get a mind of its own. I like to do the funnel system where I go from a wider, more expansive story to focused occurrences. Thanks for the NL!

Starling : I can do short scenarios of horror stories, but have no interest in setting up a whole story. You story can fit in the action/adventure genre depending on the scenes in the story. I've seen horror stories which would fit other genre also.

Steven (PLEASE BUY MY BOOKS!) : Horror stories are my "bread and butter", so to speak. And they work really well within the action/adventure genre. King Kong has the elements of horror - a big monster running amok - but it is couched in the atmosphere of action/adventure.

I have tried to merge the two in some of my own work, and some of the short stories have even been published, so I think they work really well together.

Leslie Loo : I’m not good at scary stories. But I sometimes picture scary scenes in my head, but nothing graphic.

Bilal Latif : Yes and yes. An example would be The Mummy movies with Brendan Fraser. Horror mixes well with many genres. Comedy, for instance.

oldgreywolf scribbles : I've been a member for awhile, and active off 'n' on over the years. Seems like WDC is emphasizing the distinction of genres without acknowledging their synergy in storytelling. Life is like a pot of gumbo. You don't stand there with tweezers waiting to grab tidbits that fit your style, you reach in with a ladle and fill your bowl, then eat everything in it. If your snout is long enough to lick the bowl clean, or you toss the whole bowl in your mouth and crunch it up for the minerals, or you fill it up with fresh blood from someone living or dead hanging by their heels (dessert?), so be it. Having a strong pucker factor, or a mystery, or owing a blood debt, or someone attempting to collect a blood debt, can fit in any genre (probably including romance, but I'm an INTP, so ask someone else). And I recommend writers take the Meyers-Briggs personality test. It's free, educational, and private. A long answer, admittedly, but not a cop-out of "yes", "no", or "it depends".

N.A Miller : will combine the ideas of horror and action with sci-fi/fantasy (primary).. i find there is more versatility by doing this and the story is much more indepth to write.

elephantsealer : Yes, horror stories may also fit action/adventure genre...

chrismousethyme : I do lousy at my writing of them because I don't think I would be able to compete with a King or Koontz. I love reading their works.

I think it depends on what the story contains as to whether or not it is action/adventure.

Thanks to everyone for your responses! Leger~

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