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 This week: You Deserve to Be Creative
  Edited by: Kitti
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About This Newsletter

What makes you happy?

It's too easy to get caught up in our day-to-day stresses. Take some time to write, to create, to be! You're worth it.

This week's Drama Newsletter is all about balance, and finding joy in the year ahead.


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Letter from the editor

Are you ready for 2023? How did 2022 go for you? Have there been any big changes, or has it been one of those years that’s much like the one before?

There have been some changes in my life this year. Some things have gone well, whilst others have been a bit of a disappointment. The biggest change is that I have moved homes. Not to Scotland, like I’d hoped I would, but the house we moved to is an improvement on the one we’d lived in before. Nice views, lovely nature, no more chaotic street. The cats are having the time of their lives. Whilst the Scottish dream has not yet faded, for now I am quite content with where I am. Besides, moving’s stressful and a lot of hard work and I don’t feel ready to go through that again anytime soon!

There have been other stresses this year. My mom’s had a major surgery. My husband’s aunt had to be taken into a care home. I’ve had some aches and pains and the realisation’s struck that I am getting older. Depending on who you ask, as there appears to be no real agreement, I could be classed as middle-aged, and that does not cheer me. As the saying goes, though, reaching middle age sure beats the alternative! I may not be as flexible as I once was, but all going well I have a ways to go still.

On the brighter side of 2022, my uncle’s engaged, and his wedding will no doubt be a 2023 highlight. As will the birth of my little niece! There is a tiny possibility she may be born on my birthday! I’ll have my first spring and summer in our new place and I can’t wait to see what the area looks like – it should be so pretty. And I hope to write more. Lots more. I have a big story in my head that’s getting increasingly impatient to be let out, and there are other ideas floating about like tiny specks of creativity and it’s been a long time since I’ve felt like that. Years. I don’t want to let them slip away.

One thing I’ve learned this year is that it’s all too easy to let opportunities pass by. To get stuck in day-to-day stresses and pressures and have one’s energy taken up with getting by rather than what gives us joy. I don’t feel guilty for mostly just doing what needed to be done – it’s been a tough few years – but I do hope that over the next year I will be able to have more fun and be more creative and make the most of what life has to offer.

I mean, we live in difficult times. There are crises everywhere, and it doesn’t look like the situation’s going to get easier any time soon. Everything’s expensive. Inequality’s increasing. The news rarely tells us anything cheerful. And that’s on top of the never-ending daily slog… Where’s the fun? The joy? The laughter? Where’s the time and the (mental) space to truly be?

Thankfully, we writers have the ability to have a good time without it costing anything more than a device we’ve already got (otherwise it’d be difficult to read this newsletter!), or a pen and a piece of paper. If, like me, you haven’t made as much space for creativity as you would have liked, perhaps you can join me in the next year by reminding yourself that some me-time is essential for one’s health and well-being. It is good to have an outlet. It is good to have a source of enjoyment. It is healthy and necessary to express oneself, and to have something that is ours, outside of taking care of work and chores.

When we’re old and look back at our time spent on this planet, it’s unlikely that we’ll wish we’d done more dishes, or spent more time doomscrolling social media. We may well regret, however, not having laughed more, created more – not having set more time aside to be happy.

Let’s, then, do more of this in 2023. We’re worth it.


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