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Fantasy: March 15, 2023 Issue [#11861]

 This week: Researching a New Story
  Edited by: Prosperous Snow
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About This Newsletter

Since I have no choice about how and where I do my research, I have to follow certain steps.

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Letter from the editor

Step 1: The idea came from a news headline about an asteroid that will strike Earth in 2046. The article aroused my curiosity because, in 2046, I will be 100 years old.

Step 2: How do I find an authentic website? In this case, it was fairly easy because of two items mentioned in the article. Item 1: The Torino Impact Hazard Scale. Item 2: The NASA mission referred to is Double Asteroid Redirection Test (Dart). There were other links mentioned in the article, which I will check out after I have investigated Item 1 and Item 2.

Step 3: Read the chosen articles and take notes in longhand. After taking the notes in longhand, transpose them to either a book or an bitem document. It is this step that can give me problems, because sometimes I have difficulty reading my own handwriting. This normally occurs when I am in a hurry to write a thought down.

Step 4: Reread at least once, the chosen article before going on to the next one. After taking notes on each article, I reread the articles again.

Step 5: Answer the questions: Who? When? What? How? Why? These questions will help me figure out the premise, characters, and plot.

If any of my readers have any suggestions on this subject, please let me know. Have I listed all the necessary steps?

Editor's Picks

Great Aunt Jemima's house  (E)
Where time stands still.
#2291878 by A E Willcox

 Dystopia  (E)
What if the truth was really a lie?
#2291541 by Dominique Ford

I thought this was cute,
#2281276 by Penelope Moonbeam

 The Voyage   (E)
Hannah takes her Airship on its maiden voyage
#2291462 by Sumojo

Crystal Dragon  (E)
Creeping past the lair of the crystal dragon, hoping not to be a winter snack.
#2288948 by Graywriter

Shoeless Again.  (18+)
Callum is forced to evict his tenants.
#2291819 by dragonwoman

 Scandium  (13+)
All you wanted to know but were afraid to ask
#2289395 by deemac

 A Tooth Fairy Wades Into The Dating Pool  (18+)
For the first time ever, a tooth fairy creates an online dating profile.
#2198961 by SandraLynn

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Ask & Answer

BIG BAD WOLF Feels Lucky writes: There's all kinds of ways.

BIG BAD WOLF Feels Lucky writes: I've used a few dreams to write stuff. Tried doing a contest once - it did okay, for a while.

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