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 This week: Cannot underestimate the Importance
  Edited by: fyn
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About This Newsletter

Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.~~Robert McAfee Brown

Storytelling is important. Part of human continuity.~~Robert Redford

Many words will be written on the wind and the sand, or end up in some obscure digital vault. But the storytelling will go on until the last human being stops listening. Then we can send the great chronicle of humanity out into the endless universe.~~Henning Mankell

My education - my Ph.D. in storytelling - comes from having worked on it, being a lover of film and watching them, from working with some great writers and some very good TV directors and then working with some who weren't.~~Taylor Sheridan

Storytelling is the oldest form of entertainment there is. From campfires and pictograms - the Lascaux cave paintings may be as much as twenty thousand years old - to tribal songs and epic ballads passed down from generation to generation, it is one of the most fundamental ways humans have of making sense of the world.~~Maria Konnikova

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Letter from the editor

Part of what makes the art of storytelling so important is that it brings the reader, the listener, and the audience INTO the story. It allows them to become a part of it somehow, whether it be an emotional connection or a similar experience. Good storytelling draws one in and does not let go.

When Brandon Leach was on America's Got Talent, his poetry reached worlds of people who, ordinarily, would have had little in common with him, and yet, his storytelling let us see and breathe and feel his world. It wasn't alien any longer; it was real and immediate.

Iam Tongi, who just won American Idol, used the words to surround us, letting us feel what he feels and allowing us to feel as well. He sang in such a way that the storytelling of the songs absolutely shone.

The ability to make people laugh is great; the ability to make a total stranger cry is phenomenal! When I get a review and someone said I had them in tears, it means I accomplished reaching them at a visceral level. When I read something that has me reduced to tears, that is a review I will love writing because it had an effect on me as a reader.

All the parts of writing a good story are necessary and important: the build-up, the characters, the chaos, the crisis, and the resolution but without being accompanied by good storytelling, it loses a vital part of itself. It must be more than this, then that, then the other thing happened.

Sometimes reading a short story it feels as if there was an outline used more for a list than a set of points along the way. It feels like someone has thought: I did that part. Next, I'll do this, call it a day. Tomorrow, I'll write this and that and I'll be done. No passion involved, no sense of drama, no feeling. Just something accomplished; a means to an end with no feeling of BAMM!, no wishing there was more, and no feeling of loss at the end of a great read. When that happens, it simply fades away into the fog and is not memorable. And that is not why we write!

Editor's Picks

Night and Day  (13+)
The unlikeliest of friends find in one another life long soul sisters.-1st place Winner!
#1797916 by Mara ♣ McBain

The Meta-Floor  (E)
Where’s the answer when you’re your own metaphor?
#2262668 by Rhymer Reisen

Alea iacta est  (13+)
Et tu, Brute? (A What If? Historical Fiction entry).
#1551366 by Soldier_🎶_Mike

The Old Tire Swing  (E)
Unspoken sorrow is a heavy burden to carry
#1719636 by Bikerider

A most unlikely source can emerge to have an unfathomable impact on one's life
#1262902 by DRSmith

My Grandfather and the Atom Bomb  (E)
personal account of the development of the atom bomb
#2296095 by Finder101

Of Grey Eyes and Garnet Hearts  (18+)
A journey of hearts....................................
#1512870 by fyn

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Ask & Answer

DRSmith writes: Once again, your brilliance breaks through like the first shards of sunshine from the edge of a passing cloud. Those kids are inspired and will never forget you (the source) and the quandary of trying to define "perspectives" which are overly Utopian, fundamentally practical, or somewhere in between. They will go through life remembering that moment of learning with Mrs. Moyer... REAL learning.

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