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Mystery: September 13, 2023 Issue [#12170]

 This week: Sept Mystery newsletter Robert B Parker
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About This Newsletter

This month's newsletter is about English literature professor and bestselling author, Robert B Parker. Join us as we delve into his captivating world of mystery and intrigue. Discover his remarkable career, from his early beginnings to his lasting impact on the genre. We will look at some of the characters who made his books have the long lasting appeal that they do today.

Parker was a different type person, who, when asked if he wondered if his books might be read 50 years from now, he responded, "don't know, don't care." He mainly saw his writing as a means for caring for those he loved in his life. Beyond that, he didn't care about the accolades.

So, without further discussion, we'll move on into the newsletter.

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Letter from the editor

This month's September newsletter is going to discuss some parts of Robert B Parker's interesting life as a bestselling author and PhD in English literature. Parker was born in Springfield, Massachusetts. In 1956, Parker married Joan H. Parker, whom he claimed to have met as a toddler at a birthday party.

After earning a BA degree from Colby College in Waterville, Maine, Parker served as a soldier in the US Army Infantry in Korea. In 1957, he earned his master's degree in English literature from Boston University and then worked in advertising and technical writing until 1962. Parker received a PhD in English literature from Boston University in 1971. His dissertation, titled "The Violent Hero, Wilderness Heritage, and Urban Reality," discussed the exploits of fictional private-eye heroes created by Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler, and Ross Macdonald.

Robert B Parker and his wife loved dogs. He had a great fondness for dogs, including German Shorthair Pointers. Dogs were included in his Spenser stories, aging along with the character and appearing in the ongoing series of novels. The dogs were always named Pearl.

Parker wrote his first novel[8] in 1971 while teaching at Northeastern University. He became a full professor in 1976, and turned to full-time writing in 1979, with five Spenser novels to his credit. Parker's popular Spenser novels are known for his characters of varied races and religions. In 1985, Spenser was made into a successful television series, "Spenser for Hire", which starred Robert Urich, Avery Brooks and Barbara Stock.

Another figure created by Parker was Jesse Stone, a troubled former LAPD detective, who starts a new career as a police chief in a small New England town. Between 1997 and 2010, he wrote nine novels featuring Jesse Stone, all of which have been adapted as a series of TV movies by CBS starring Tom Selleck as "Jesse Stone".

Robert B Parker's 4th book, "Promised Land" won the Edgar award in 1976. In 1983, Spencer #7 book titled, "Early Autumn", won Parker the Maltese Falcon award, and this by the end of all of his book writing, he was considered the dean of American crime fiction. No one could write the American crime fiction novel better than Parker and his book sales showed this.

Robert B Parker died suddenly while working on another novel in 2010. His wife, Joan, continued to publish some of his unfinished works till her death in 2013.

After Parker died, his family, together with Parker's publishers, chose to continue the Jesse Stone, Spenser and Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch series.

Eleven Jesse Stone novels have been published since Parker's death. The first three were by Parker's longtime friend and collaborator, Michael Brandman, and the next six by Reed Farrel Coleman. Mike Lupica wrote the 10th in 2020 and eleventh in 2021.

Though Parker is no longer here, his work continues on through his notes and unfinished templates that keep his legacy going strong.

You won't be disappointed, my friends and I'll see you next month.

Editor's Picks

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Ask & Answer

In last my last newsletter, I asked a question about Thomas Harris. The question asked what person close to Thomas Harris had a name that rhymed with Polly?

One reader was up to the challenge and here is her response:

From: (fictiondiva) (ID #0)
Hi, . Great Mystery Newsletter!

This month's newsletter is about best selling author and former journalist Thomas Harris. The newsletter question asked what person close to Harris has a name that rhymes with Molly?

Thomas Harris remained close to his mother, Polly.

The newsletter mentions the number of books that he is famous for.

Thomas Harris wrote 6 books.

Thank you.

Thank you so much Fictiøn Ðiva the Wørd Weava , you will be awarded the two MBs, (contact me please!) for answering the questions correctly! ♥

In the current newsletter, I posted a question what type of dog was always included in the Spenser novels? What dog name was always used?

If you answer the question for the newsletter, you will get a MB of your choice (there are A LOT of choices now) and if you answer my reader's question, I'll post your response and you will get two MBs of your choice for answering. This will be for the first 5 readers who answer for this month's newsletter. This was another fun newsletter. Yaaaay for fall! Love the cool weather. *LeafR* See you next time!

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