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For Authors: September 13, 2023 Issue [#12173]

 This week: Yes, You CAN!
  Edited by: fyn
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About This Newsletter

The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today. ~~Franklin D. Roosevelt

Hesitation is often like procrastination. One may have vague doubts and feel a need to mull things over; meanwhile, other issues intrude on thought, and no decision is taken. Ask people why they procrastinate, and you probably won't get a crisp answer. ~~Robert J. Shiller

I think every writer doubts themselves, every day. You procrastinate because you're afraid. You're always afraid it's not going to be as good as you want it to be. But, the key is overcoming fear. ~~Geoff Johns

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Letter from the editor

Over the course of the last three weeks or so, at least fifteen people have expressed, to me, personally, their doubts about something they are writing. Is it any good? Does it make sense? I'm stuck because I'm not sure if I should have them do this or that. I don't know if my character will ever stop overthinking everything. (Hmmm, you or the character?) How do I get her to get past whatever?

My first thought was that every single one of these people are seriously good writers. No question; not a doubt in my mind. They are seasoned. They aren't beginners. Finally was able to get each of them to send me what they had thus far.

Were they off-track? Nope. Were the stories progressing? Absolutely. Were they terrible? Not by a long shot. Did I want to keep reading? That's a resounding yes! SO what to tell people who are honestly struggling?

First off, they know their characters inside and out. Better than anyone. They know if so-and-so is going off the rails or not. They know if a character is acting out of character. Too strong? Too weak? Too whiney? How does it feel? Are they working through their growth arc? Does how they are acting need to serve another purpose? If so what? Is it? Okay then! It isn't? Well, then let another character clue them in! That is often a good way to realign where a character is headed. Or maybe they just need a proverbial shot in the head! (The character, not the writer!!) Although sometimes ...

We all want our work liked. We all feel a responsibility to our readers to give them a good read. That's a good reason to let other people (like beta readers) give us their input. Then move forward from there.

There's nothing worse than a good writer feeling inadequate. Telling them a piece is 'good' needs to be followed by the specific 'whys' about what is and what isn't. The scene where he's muddling through but 'assumes' she knows what he's feeling. No, she doesn't if he hasn't told her. He needs to buck up and tell her. Then, the ball's in her court. The writer knows she's scared. The reader knows she is scared. And everyone is pulling for her to realize her fears can be overcome. The sequence with the hurricane, the tornado, the forest fire, or the flood was great! The details were spot on. It felt real.

Be a sounding board. Well, what if ... this or that? If this, then what follows? If that, where does that leave the story? Oh, so you could have the other thing happen. That could work! Or another character could add their two cents worth and that old lightbulb could click on and they are off and running.

The doubts are real, but the point is to help get that writer to not be overwhelmed by them. Help, understanding and 'being there' can be a reassurance that yes, they've got this!

Editor's Picks

Forgotten Melody Resurfaces  (E)
Magic really does happen.
#2303986 by WriterRick

Calypso, Lake Mermaid   (E)
A mermaid who lives in Lake Michigan.
#2295497 by Princess Megan Rose

Let It Grow  (13+)
Winning back a lady's heart
#2302925 by Amethyst Angel

 A young girl and her unicorns.  (E)
My little Girl's unicorns
#2133453 by K Lang

It is written, mountain move here or move there and if you believe it will be done, I did!
#2256869 by dogpack:saving 4 premium: DWG

Leaving it all Behind  (18+)
Paralyzed by fear & heart shredded by loss, a one-hit-wonder looks for a rebirth.~2nd PL!
#2197099 by Mara ♣ McBain

 Trinket  (E)
A woman receives a unique birthday gift and a second chance at happiness.
#2304062 by W.P. Gerace

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Ask & Answer

Elby Wordsmith writes: What a touching article, an inspiration.
I used to carry a notebook and did "write it down" but somehow life got in the way.
Found an old one recently and did it ever bring those ideas and thoughts back as if they were new and powerful. I will be getting a new notebook!


Quick-Quill says: I love this NL. As I read the last paragraph, I felt a connection. I know WDC not only saved me, but propelled me to become a writer/author.

W.P. Gerace comments: Greetings Fyn,
I do hope you are doing well today. Gosh your newsletter today was so inspirational. I totally understand the part about folks saying you won't make it as a writer. I remember as a kid see I started writing when I was 12 some family members would say I was living a pipe dream. But yet folks here and other friends of mine do tell me writing is not half bad which is encouraging to me. Sometimes many times I get discouraged and feel my writing is not good and that I will not make it as a writer. I am not looking to be Stephen King but I wouldn't mind seeing a few things published. But many times I stop writing for awhile because I just feel I don't have what it takes. Then I read your newsletter and it is so encouraging. Thank you so much for sharing your story. It means a lot to me. Thanks again. Have a beautiful blessed day my friend. :) :)
Yours Truly,
Bill G.

Queen NormaJean is cheering adds: I resonate with you. Write it out. I have ongoing irritations with neighbors, dogs, noise. Egads. So I try to imagine a funny, a quirk, something to take my mind off the crazies in the world now.

Bikerider says: I read your August 15th, For Authors Newsletter with interest. I'm glad you were able to get your life on track after a bad relationship. Writing it out has helped with my own trials and tribulations, although I have only shared two of those 'writings' on WDC. I'm with you; WDC has many wonderful members who are more than willing to encourage, poke, and prod others.

Amethyst Angel writes: Wow, I'm proud of you and your journey. I feel like I did something similar myself in 2021 after COVID and a toxic job. I had forgotten how to write... Music journaling rescued my brain from the chaos. Keep writing and be strong *Heartb*

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