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Romance/Love: February 07, 2024 Issue [#12385]

 This week: Heartbreak
  Edited by: Gaby ~ GoT Game? #456789
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About This Newsletter

I learned that, with grief, you have to take it one day at a time and learn how to find the happiness amid the heartbreak.
~ Adrienne C. Moore

Don't expect a life without challenge and heartbreak and struggles. You have to go through setbacks to be successful and to become the person you want to be.
~ Kendra Scott

You can't fast-forward heartbreak, and you can't rewind love - and that's just one big bummer.
~ Chelsea Handler

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Letter from the editor

For Romance/Love Newsletters

A story, a good one, is nothing without a little bit of heartbreak. Any story. Any genre. The only difference is where it shows more and in which way. Oftentimes, the idea of a broken heart is rather glossed over, explained and moved on from. It's never that easy in real life. Another person cannot heal ones wounds completely. They can help but the scars stay, easily ripped open.

As a writer, in your story the characters can't dwell too much on the loss of a loved one or the romance gone south. It would bore a reader if that's all they get to experience. None of us read books to feel pain, but rather find happiness within all the chaos called emotions. Yet it's necessary.

Characters can't grow without having to deal with some kind of emotional turmoil. Life is nothing if not an emotional roller-coaster in itself. Which means that even with your written word you have to cause pain to those you try to protect the most. Smooth sailing across 3-4 pages or 300-400 pages is not an option. While the human soul craves a happy ending, nothing comes easily.

A heartbreak doesn't always mean losing someone. It's not just about relationships. Being fired from a job one has worked at most of their life can break ones heart, create depression, lack the power and will to look at things on the bright side. Being unable to reach a creative potential can also be devastating. Wanting something yet being unable to ever get it. Unobtainable goals can create emotions similar to heartbreak.

And while most romance readers love a happy ending, you are allowed to create one that's bittersweet. The good is there, happy nonetheless, but the echo of the loss reverberates through the soul.

'Til next time!
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Editor's Picks

Let's take a ride, Jimmy  (18+)
We know he's dead, but where's the body? History with a soupçon of literary license.
#2291622 by Soldier_Mike

A Sight for Sore Eyes  (18+)
Ranching can be a hard & lonely business, love is a sight for sore eyes.
#2225330 by Mara ♣ McBain~17 yrs on WDC!

Should I, should I not?  (18+)
Vincent reluctantly seeks paternal advice. For Tales Shown, Not Told-Contest
#2311402 by Olivia's Writing

The Curse Unravel  (E)
Would you be willing to take the risk of exposing your curse for someone you dearly love?
#2312371 by GERVIC 🐉 WDC Dragon Vale

 The Baby  (13+)
A young couple having their first baby.
#2312840 by Loyd Gardner

 Finding West  (13+)
Laken finds conflict, love and a reluctant wolf destined to be leader…West discovers her
#2242209 by JD

Who's Court is the Ball In?  (18+)
A frisky flash
#2312876 by Richard ~ Shenanigans INC.

Lost Souls  (13+)
Contest entry. Prompt = protagonist lost something.
#2300989 by D. Reed Whittaker

A Kitten Starts A Romance  (E)
A young woman in Regency Times finds a kitten and the Lord Of The Manor stops by.
#2312351 by Princess Megan Rose

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