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Poetry: February 07, 2024 Issue [#12394]

 This week: Valentine’s Day is for Friends, Too
  Edited by: Red Writing Hood <3
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About This Newsletter

"Poetry is a deal of joy and pain and wonder, with a dash of the dictionary."

Khalil Gibran

"With me poetry has not been a purpose, but a passion."

Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849)

"A poem is a communication from one soul to another that makes one or both hearts sing."

Walter Mayes

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Letter from the editor

Valentine’s Day is for Friends, Too

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.

So, I looked through my box of holiday cards, and would you believe it? I had a few Valentine’s Day cards in there. They were remnants of the cards I got my kids to give out to their classmates and friends. Looking at the cards and their cute little puns made me think about all the different kinds of love that exist. We often focus on the physical love—the passionate love—but there are more types of love in the world, which inspired me to share the poetry form below for you to break tradition and use it to explore all the people, places, and things you love.

If you need some idea starters see the “Of Note” section below.

Somonka - a Love Letter in Poetry Form

If you are familiar with the tanka poetry form, you will understand the somonka form. As a reminder, the tanka is a Japanese love poem—a love note. The somonka is putting two tankas together as “a declaration of love” and “a response” (Turco 263).


--Two tankas minimum.

--2 authors (or two voices—see “of note” section).

--Follow the tanka form (5-7-5-7-7 syllables – 5 lines for each stanza).

--Love message.


--Any type of love, although it is traditionally a love between a man and woman (see “of note” section).

--You could stick to the traditional one pair of tankas or expand it to several pairs.


As mentioned above, this form is traditionally a love between a man and a woman; however, I can see how this form could be used to explore all kinds of love relationships. This could be between a man and woman (lovers, friends, father/daughter, mother/son, and so on), two men (lovers, brothers, father/son, friends, etc.), two women (lovers, sisters, mother/daughter, friends, and so on), a person and pet, a person and an inanimate object or activity (do you love your car, computer, shoes, playing basketball or pickleball?), a person and place, a person and an emotion—the possibilities are endless!


Turco, Lewis. The Book of Forms. 3rd. Lebanon, New Hampshire: University Press of New England, 2000.

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Editor's Picks

Theme: Other types of love poetry

For the Love of Chess  [E]
Chess is more than just a game.
by Teargen

Johnny Cash  [E]
A poem about Johnny Cash, greatest singer ever.
by Princess Megan Rose

 For the Greater Good of the Game  [E]
Despite our goal of near perfection, we must love the sports and games we play - a poem.
by Tim Chiu

Paws of Perfection  [E]
My unconditional love for God's unconditional creatures
by luvleepoet

 Sister  [E]
On my life's journey , I found a fellow late bloomer who is now my Sis! (acrostic)
by Mr. K

 Reasons and Seasons  [ASR]
With special friends, we cry, laugh and rant; our faults are rightly exposed.
by Kenzie

 A Pet's Love  [E]
Just how a pet can help people. Thanks to my dogs Ruby and Amie for the inspiration!
by Stripes

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Comments on last month's newsletter:

From: Monty
Comment: Fine idea Red but my inspiration seems to be resting.

Been there!

From: 🌕 HuntersMoon
Comment: Tried finding an example. Nope. Asked ChatGPT. Nope. Maybe stick to forms that we can get a sense of and see if we're getting close. *Laugh* Still, interesting.

Glad you found it interesting! I'm not surprised it was difficult, as it is an old poetry form. However, I always try to leave a source list for this and other reasons. Since I am the Google Goddess (now proven superior to ChatGPT *Wink**Delight**Laugh*), I've added a couple of links to assist you in your quest



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