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For Authors: April 03, 2024 Issue [#12492]

 This week: Inspiring Prompts for Spring!
  Edited by: Lilith of House Martell
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2. A Word from our Sponsor
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About This Newsletter

"You're only here for a short visit. Don't hurry. Don't worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way."
~ Walter C. Hagen

"When one flower blooms, spring awakens everywhere."
~ John O'Donohue

"The man who has planted a garden feels that he has done something for the good of the world."
~ Charles Dudley Warner

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Letter from the editor

As the days get longer, brighter, and warmer, we hope to experience a renewal of creative energy. This season is all about rebirth and new beginnings, sloughing off the winter blahs and starting on exciting new projects. So embrace the spring fever and take on the new season with some of these writing prompts for spring.

*Tulipb* Forget what it says on the calendar; what do you notice about the world that tells you spring has arrived?

*Tulipo* Springtime is all about new beginnings. What new beginning will you embrace this year? Think about creative projects, learning new things, overcoming bad habits, or letting go of past mistakes.

*Tulipp* Think about where you were in your life last spring. How have you grown or changed in that time, and what have you learned?

*Tulipr* Miss winter? Make a list of at least five things you can do in springtime that you can’t do in the wintertime.

*Tulipv* Go for a walk outside; then, come back and describe your adventure using all five senses.

*Tulipy* Spring cleaning is a big part of this season. What are some things, literal objects or old habits, that you could “clean out” of your life this year?

*Tulipb* Think about your favorite spring foods. What meals or snacks feel like springtime to you?

*Tulipb* Spring is a great time for goal setting. Name one thing you’d like to accomplish between the spring equinox and the summer solstice.

*Tulipb* If you could travel anywhere for spring break, where would you go?

*Tulipo* Describe your idea of a perfect spring day.

*Tulipp* Spring is the ideal time for a fresh start. Write a few ideas about how to make this year your best one yet.

*Tulipr* There’s a saying that goes, “April showers bring spring flowers.” How can we apply this idea to our wider mindsets?

*Tulipv* What are your favorite spring activities for warm days?

*Tulipy* What are your favorite spring activities for rainy days?

*Tulipb* The spring season is all about personal growth, and it’s a great time to develop new knowledge. Think of some ideas for new things you’d like to learn (hint: you could level up your writing skills!).

Editor's Picks

What lurks beyond the flowers- Pt I  (18+)
Salt, flowers, a pond, crucifixes, a cradle, a garden, a train, and a handful of demons.
#2317209 by elisabeth

Flowers of the Field  (E)
A visit to hallowed ground. Writer's Cramp Entry for 3/31/24. 26 lines. Winning Entry
#2317149 by IE

A Stunning Miracle  (E)
Siblings search for the right place to bury a yellow finch.
#2316965 by Cubby~Cheering House Florent!

The Call  (18+)
A freeverse poem on what drew the explorers to Antarctica
#2078591 by Amyaurora

Old man tree  (E)
Eight.line poem
#2316355 by Sumojo

A Visual Echo  (E)
An Express It In Eight poem written in echo form
#2316118 by MJones

Haiku - Fire in the Sky  (E)
A stunning sunset (and the ever-present threat of wildfire) inspired this silly haiku.
#2315495 by MJones

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Ask & Answer

Comments received from my last "For Authors" Newsletter, "A Writing Retreat:

from dogpack:saving 4 premium: DWG
Writing a sentence can be a huge accomplishment. At least you've started this process. Usually once you start usually more words follow and the story starts to write it's self. My experience is that when you do not know what to write start with anything, even writing the alphabet can get the creative juices going. Example: A=pple=apple tree blooming=spring and renewal of life, etc. Reading the news paper or some sort of news might get the writing going. There are many sources for igniting the creative process.

from tj ~ endeavors to persevere!
I find it difficult to write because of interruptions, especially at home and have often thought of having a place I could retreat to for writing. One day it will become reality; not a man-cave, a hide-a-way.

from tracker
I think putting on your own writing retreat is a great idea. I like the snacks and breaks part. Good information, Lilli. Thank you.

from s
Writing retreats can be fun. Here was my experience: "Note: Writing Retreat! I just got back from a Writi..."

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