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 This week: Say it with Flowers
  Edited by: StephBee
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About This Newsletter

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“There are always flowers for those who want to see them,” Henri Matisse

“Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.” – Oscar Wilde

May is here and spring is in full bloom, so to speak! As I write this newsletter, Mother’s Day hasn’t come just yet, but by the time you read this newsletter, it will have passed us by! What are some of the things that we get our Moms for their special day? I think flowers, candy, and cards come to mind right away. Flowers are my husband’s “go to” gift. Which leads me into my next thought…

Flowers and romance.

Flowers have a rich symbolism when it comes to romance. What does giving a certain flower mean and how can you work it into your romance writing? I thought I’d share their meanings and some prompts for romance writing in this newsletter.

Say it with Roses   (E)
The meaning of roses
#2277842 by StephBee

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Letter from the editor

ROSES: There are over 300 species of roses! Mainly used as ornamental plants, roses are often used for their perfumery. Roses are often a favorite flower to give to others. To give a red rose means, “I Love you.” White roses are symbolic of innocence and purity. Pink has a double meaning: happiness or “please believe me.” In the story of “Beauty and Beast,” a rose is used to hold the enchantment which can only be broken if the beast and his beauty, fall in love.

VIOLETS: to hand someone violets is to communicate a message of faithfulness, or that you’ll always be there for them. Violets are often used in floral arrangements as a symbol of modesty and love.

TULIPS: when tulips are red, these flowers are a declaration of your love. Yellow tulips communicate there’s sunshine in your smile that the giver enjoys.

ORCHIDS: these flowers communicate love, refinement, and beauty. Orchids are a great “last minute” gift as they symbolize respect, admiration, and affection.

GARDENIA: as far as love goes, these flowers are the ones you want to give to your secret lover. – BUT They’re also a popular selection for Mother’s Day as they also represent appreciation and gratitude.

LAVENDER: typically represents a selfless love and its scent is thought to be enchanting and romantic. It’s usually used in the beginning of a romance to create a romantic atmosphere.

JASMINE: has a sweet and seductive aroma and is often given to express romantic feelings. It represents romantic love and sensuality.


NOTE: Flowers can often have different meanings across different cultures. I'd love to hear what flowers mean in your culture so write in and share!

Flowers often add depth, meaning, and symbolism to our romantic writing. Here are some prompts using flowers. If you write a poem or a flash fiction, 500 words or less, based on these prompts, write in and let me know and I’ll share it in my next newsletter:

Write about someone who is a “master gardener.”
Write about your flower personality.
Write about the power of communication using only flowers.
Describe the scent of a flower in a story or poem.
Write about a love affair that involves flowers.

Here's another quiz if you are so inclined:
Spring Flowers Quiz  (E)
Spring flowers brighten up a fading winter. Do you know your flowers?
#2269603 by StephBee

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Editor's Picks

A Ring of Flowers  (13+)
Forever is not long enough. 26 lines. Writer's Cramp entry for 4/28/24
#2319008 by IE

 April Brings  (E)
children's laughter, flowers blooming
#2318662 by innerlight

Celebrating the arrival of spring flowers
#2315539 by typingrhyme

Paint My Heart   (E)
Love of all the seasons
#2309331 by CathrinStuart

Violet, flower of faithfulness  (E)
A poem inspired by the Victorian flower symbolism of violets meaning faithfulness
#2261543 by HollyMerry

Of Flowers and Fidelity  (E)
Wherein blooms deliver messages too delicate for words
#2250583 by Tileira

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Ask & Answer


Princess Megan Rose 22 Years A good romance poetry newsletter. Romantic poetry speaks of love and you write from the heart. Thanks for including two of my romance poems. I enjoyed reading this.

You’re welcome!

I find it very difficult to write romantic poetry. Easy enough to throw in a few metaphor clichés and be done, but that's not what I want. I'm awkward and want to say what I really feel. Below is my best attempt, I think:

Night Thoughts

I wake,
her hand resting on my bony shoulder
as though claiming ownership.
And why not? She is, after all,
my reason for living -
without her, I would be long gone.
She snores, a new note,
like an old Suzuki two stroke,
tearing the air with its strident call.
I speak a few words in conversational tone,
not prodding or shifting,
and she answers, an incoherent mumble.
But the snoring has gone,
just as she promised,
“Wake me up and I’ll stop,”
although I doubt she was really awake.
A few nights hence she asked if it bothered me,
that she crowded me in bed like this
(she is afraid that the bed will tip her
to the floor and she’ll not be able to rise),
and I reminded her of the times
when we’d fall asleep in each others’ arms.
No, my love,
it’s not crowding but touching,
being together as ever but older.
We always said, when all we had
was spirit and soul,
that touch was important too.

It's a heartfelt poem. Touch is important, I think, when love is involved. Even after all those years together, it lets the other know “I care.”

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