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 This week: Kidnapped! Adriana Noir Speaks!
  Edited by: I like big books #2233315
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Letter from the editor

"Horror is the removal of masks" ― Robert Bloch

*Fleurdelis* Kidnapped! Adriana Noir Speaks 011.09.12 *Fleurdelis*

This month, my victim is Adriana Noir who is a wonderfully talented author. I encourage you all to check out her port and all the items we've featured below. *Wink* I hope you enjoy getting to know her as much as I did.

*Person* Tell us something you hate doing and why?

Folding socks. I'm not sure what goes on in the laundry room when I'm not looking, but those things always end up missing in the wash. I'm pretty sure there's a horror story in the making there. *Wink*

*Person* Let's try something serious. If you could change one thing in history, what would it be?

That's a tough one. There are so many historic events that have caused people so much pain and loss. They serve a purpose now though...they teach us to keep our eyes open and be aware so that those mistakes don't repeat themselves in the future. I guess it would have to be the invention of nuclear warheads. They serve no purpose other than mass death and destruction. If a war on that scale ever occurs, there won't be anything left to fight for or preserve.

*Person* Tell us about your publishing experience and where you think you will be in 5 years?

I've learned that being published in magazines or anthologies is a whole different ballgame than putting a novel out there. It's a lot more work and tons more stress. (but it's definitely worth it) As to where I'll be in five years...Other than my mid to late thirties? *Laugh* It's hard to say. One thing I do know for sure is I'll still be writing and putting things out there for people to read. As long as there's still breath left in me, that's where I'll be.

*Person* What was the first horror book/story you remember reading?

Does Bunnicula: A Rabbit-Tale of Mystery: ($7.99 from Amazon.Com) count? *Laugh* I read a lot of stuff like that as a kid, then moved on to Christopher Pike and R.L. Stine. The first adult book was either "The Guardian" or "Carrie." I really can't remember that far back. *Worry*

*Person* Beyond your own work (of course), what is your all-time favorite horror book and why? And what is your favorite book outside of the horror genre?

The Exorcist: A Novel: ($21.74 from Amazon.Com) is my all-time favorite horror book. It was the first story that ever managed to scare me senseless. It's hard not to love something that manages to give you that kind of thrill. Outside of the horror genre, probably The Wolf and the Dove: ($7.99 from Amazon.Com). I've read that book so many times the pages are dog-eared. *Blush*

*Person* Do you think marketable horror fiction is really more about shock value than telling a good story?

Definitely not. That's like asking if all marketable horror is just gore. It doesn't take much to shock people. However, it takes a certain finesse to shock them while telling a good story. Horror is so much more than just blood, gore, and making people jump. Really good horror envelopes you. It's mood, atmosphere, and gives you characters you want to learn about and follow for the duration of the story. If all a book offers is cheap thrills and blood, I'm going to put it down. Make me laugh, cry, cringe...I want to be able to feel when I'm reading.

*Person* What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author? What has been the best compliment?

Hmm. depending on the story and the character's voice, my prose can get a little too ... purple. *laughs* I've been learning to cut that back. It's also really hard to be told you don't believe enough in yourself. To promote, to push...I'm so shy that these things all are akin to sticking my hand in a pot of boiling water. Of course, being told to believe in yourself is also the best compliment, because it means someone else out there believes in you, too. I was recently told my writing is "like poetry at the edge of a knife." I thought that was really cool. I have no idea what it actually means, but I liked the way it sounded. *Laugh*

*Person* I have to say I enjoyed your blog post entitled "Invalid Entry I find the subject very interesting. Do you think that books that are labeled as Horror/Erotica such as A Kiss of Shadows (Meredith Gentry, Book 1): ($7.99 from Amazon.Com) by Laurell K. Hamilton,or Circus of the Damned (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Book 3): ($8.99 from Amazon.Com) by Anita Blake are leading the way for books like 50 Shades to be as popular as they are, even more than books such as Erica Jong's groundbreaking novel Fear of Flying: ($16.00 from Amazon.Com) ?

I'm ashamed to say I haven't read any of these. *Blush* I will say I think that knowledge, those desires have always been there for a lot of people. It's just now they have an outlet for exploring them. Mixing the two is awesome. Now, not only do you have the fear aspect, but you're getting a thrill on both ends. *Smirk*

I can't really say one way or the other what books have opened those floodgates. Laurell K's books are traditionally published and the 50 Shades series started out as self-pubbed. Theyr'e two completely different genres. I think what's happening is publishers are opening up a little to new things, and readers are getting a healthy dose of new material through emerging independents. Having access to these things and going "Oh my gosh, have you read this?" is setting fire to all sorts of new trends. I think it's all pretty amazing. It will be interesting to see what new bestsellers the future holds!

I hope you enjoyed this look into the mind of a fellow author. I encourage you to read the entire interview here : "Invalid Entry

*Binoculars* Where can your readers stalk you?

*Bullet* My Blog: http://adriananoir.wordpress.com/
*Bullet* My Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/adriana.noir
*Bullet* My Goodreads page: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6554386.Adriana_Noir
*Bullet* Twitter: https://twitter.com/AdrianaNoir
*Bullet* Website: http://www.adriananoir.com
*Bullet* Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Adriana-Noir/e/B004IMGT24/

Check out Adriana Noir 's latest book below:

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Editor's Picks

~*Ax*~ Kidnapped Author's Freedom Five ~*Ax*~
All my kidnapped authors must choose five horror stories to be released.

 Invalid Item  []

by A Guest Visitor

A lone cry echoed through the corridors and jarred Claire from the pleasant escape of her dreams. As she fought the pull of slumber, confusion set in, followed by a mounting sense of dread. Her heartbeat hitched and Claire felt the security of her false world slip away bit by bit, like tiny grains of sand sifting through an hourglass. Before her eyes even opened, she wanted to run, to hide-to disappear forever. The bloodcurdling wail increased in intensity, bringing one terrifying word to mind.


~*Bird* ~

 Invalid Item  []

by A Guest Visitor


The word screams through my brain, plays on my tongue, but leaves my throat in a strangled gurgle. Troubled eyes scan the darkened corners of my room, probing the comforting shadows that have become home. A cold trickle of sweat creeps down the back of my neck and the memory of my nightmare remains as vivid and haunting as that cursed day. My hands, still trembling, drop back to the mattress, no longer reaching for the ghostly specter of my mother. She is gone, taking with her the small shred of humanity that lingered in this hell.

~*Bird* ~

 Invalid Item  []

by A Guest Visitor

Gran never was a nice woman. Her eyes never lit up when she smiled, and her face was always pinched. My mom always said it was because she had a hard life. Grandpa Joe died in a mining accident when Mamma was just a young girl, leaving Gran to raise her and Uncle Rob alone. I don't think that's true. Deep down I think Gran is just mean.

She's always smelled funny, kind of like stale flowers and mothballs all rolled into one. It makes me want to hold my breath. Today, she smells even worse. It's a sickly smell, sweet and so thick the taste of it lingers on my tongue. It makes it hard to swallow.

~*Bird* ~

 Invalid Item  []

by A Guest Visitor

Make them pay. Make them all pay.

The raspy voice carried through the attic, drowning out all other sound. Holly Denton shook her head and covered her ears. Her face contorted into a pained grimace as the whisper echoed around her. Huddled on the dull floorboards, knees drawn to her chin, she rocked among the cobwebs and cardboard boxes. Dust particles swirled in the confined space, dancing through a narrow moonlit beam. They made her nose itch and clung to her damp face.

Fresh tears cleared a path down her grime-covered cheeks when the first screams pierced the silence. Holly jumped at the sound, her shoulders hunching in a defensive cringe. Her teeth sank deep into her lower lip to keep from crying out. If she did, they would find her, and like always, they would blame her for things she didn't do.

~*Bird* ~

 Invalid Item  []

by A Guest Visitor

Timmy froze, his eyes riveted to the dingy glass pane in his bedroom. Outside, the wind whistled across the barren stretch of desert, bending cacti beneath its brutal breath. It pelted the window with sand, coating it in a thin layer of dust that made tiny pinging sounds. But that wasn't what caught his attention. It was the tall figure lurking on the horizon-the one he knew shouldn't be there, the one that hadn't been there a minute ago.

His heart hammered, the steady drumroll pulsing in his throat as he crept forward and pressed his nose against the window. He grimaced, face scrunching. The dust that whipped across the desert coated everything, including his tongue. He could taste the grit, even as the dry tickle built in the back of his throat. Coughing into his fist, he squinted and peered outside. The tall figure was still out there, still on the horizon where their yard melded with the jagged rock formations in the distance.

~*Bird* ~

~*Film*~ Editor's Choice - The Trio of Terror ~*Film*~

~*Ax* Classic Chiller *Ax*~

 Invalid Item  []

by A Guest Visitor

I cut the dead limb away from the roof and it crashed to the ground, sending up a plume of debris. That should stop the banging that was keeping the family awake, I thought, but it won't do a thing for the constant howling of the wind through the broken window frames. The old house was full of strange sounds. I could hear an old wooden gate complaining from the backyard, as the gusts tried to budge its rusty hinges. It sounded like distant voices.

"The house has been abandoned for decades, and there's a lot of cleanup to do," I explained to Sharon. "I think you should stay and help me."

'I know, honey," Sharon said, "but I really have to go see Mom. She's so sick, and I haven't been able to talk to her much since we moved here. And you know, she might not be around much longer."

"But it's only been four months since we moved," I whined to Sharon.

"I know, dear. Besides, Mom would love to see the kids," she said, "and I've been having the strangest feelings about - "

~*Ax* Modern Macabre *Ax*~

The Faerie of Tooth and Bone  [13+]
This is why you believe.
by elizjohn

When I met her, I fell in love with her instantly. She had golden, flaxen hair that danced in the sun, skin that glowed with an ethereal light, and eyes that sparkled like blue sapphires. I was certain that when she walked, her feet never touched the ground, but rather, she floated on air, as if the ground beneath her feet would soil her. Her teeth were tiny white pearls of perfection that brandished a dazzling smile. Her smile exuded warmth and promised happiness, and mere mortal that I was, I had to succomb.

Amazingly, she loved me too. She took me into her secret embrace with great fervor and need and we reveled in our passion for one another. My heart filled with bliss..

And yet, mysteriously, she would impose limits on our love. I would only know her name. Her origins would remain closed to me, and at night, after we spoke tender words and consumated our desire, she would depart our bed.

"Won't you stay, Lehana?" I would ask.

But my question was always left answered. With a shake of her head and a caress of my cheek, she wandered out of our room and into the night.

~*Ax* The Future of Fright *Ax*~

 Don't Take the Highway  [13+]
Autumn Summers meets a stranger in the cemetery. Written for Halloween.
by Lillia Jane Marshes

Autumn pulled up to the cemetery, her motorcycle's wheels crunching on the gravel road. She turned it off and shoved the key into the pocket of her leather jacket. After depositing her helmet on the seat she adjusted the bag on her back and began the walk through the gravestone-littered field to her mother's plot. Once a week, every week, she came her to pay her respects to her long gone mother. By now she knew every name on every gravestone she passed. The one she knew best was Abigail Parker, 1994-2007. There were always fresh flowers there but she never saw the person who left them. But this time as she was about to pass Abigail's grave she saw there was someone there. Dressed in black skinny jeans and combat boot, a gray hoodie pulled up so she couldn't see her face, she stood perfectly still, watching the grave.
Not wanting to disturb her Autumn skirted around a different way, but she felt eyes trained on the back of her head. She glanced over her shoulder briefly but the figure was still staring at the grave. She shook her head and proceeded to mother's grave.

~*Bird* ~

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