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 This week: What is Free Verse
  Edited by: Lonewolf
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2. A Word from our Sponsor
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About This Newsletter

Poetry takes many forms of expression, but when you write in free verse it allows a wider release of inner thoughts, feelings and emotions. Free Verse is one of the most widely used forms of poetry. Anything and everything can be the topic of a free verse poem. The poem can tell a story, describe a person, animal, feeling or object. They can be serious, sad, funny, or educational. Whatever subject that appeals to the poet can end up in a free verse.

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Letter from the editor

Freestyle or Free Verse can be one of the simplest, or most difficult, type of poetry to write. While it doesn’t constrict the poet with rules about form, it requires him or her to work hard at creating a piece that is beautiful and meaningful without any specific guidelines about rhyme and meter. If you’d like to try your hand at free verse, there are a few tips (not rules) that will help as you develop your own style.

1. Brainstorm for topic ideas. A poem can tell a story or simply relate emotions. With a freestyle poem, you have more opportunity for story telling because the confines of rhyme and meter are not present, which allows you to be more open with the length and structure of your poetry lines.

2. Use a thesaurus to find words to help express for what you want to say. Your words don't have to rhyme, but they can if you so choose. Your goal is to reel them in with the beauty of your language and the originality of the story your poem tells.

3. Structure your freestyle poem according to your content. Freestyle requires no specific structure, the content of a poem can dictate the structure. If your story has many sides, separate them into stanzas, with each stanza telling a standalone part of the story. If you have a short poem that follows one train of thought, avoid the traditional stanzas and write one block of text.

4. Experiment with visual elements so they can help bring the message of your poetry out more clearly. Form your respective poem in such a way that adds to the story your poem is telling. In a Christmas freestyle, form the words in the shape of a tree etc.

5. Metaphors, similes and other literary devices bring out the message of your poem. Again, since this is free verse you aren't required to use figurative language, but these give readers something to zero in on if your poem lacks a rhyme scheme or metered verses.

For those new to poetry writing, freestyle can be a very liberating way of poetic expression. Now that you have some tools, use them to create your own free verse. If you choose to write a few poems make sure to submit them to this Newsletter, and I'll be sure to use one in my next as an 'Editor Pick'

Editor's Picks

 Temperament Lowdown  (E)
Poetic view of the innate temperaments. Can you see yourself? Please, let me know.
#869788 by Beth Barnett

Excerpt of: Temperament Lowdown

The Choleric is the take charge type
Details, small obstacles, what's all the hype?
Let's get the job done, let's make a change
The big picture is obvious, no facts to arrange
The coldness of his words can cut like a knife
If he tempers his anger he'll avoid strife
Lead, follow, or get out of the way
The bigger the goal, the longer his day
The more the adversity, the harder he'll try
The eternal optimist, no need to cry

The Sanguine is filled with high energy
Finding true happiness is the key
Selling anything with irresistible charm
So no one runs from him in alarm
Organization isn't worth the headache
Where's the party, no plans to make
There's an unstable rage seething deep inside
Harmful words will cause a dramatic turn of tide
Your words will harm, but forget them he will
Easy to forgive, don't fret, just chill

~ ~ ~

My Pond on a Wintry Day  (E)
My pond in a blizzard and afterwards
#295073 by Joy

Excerpt of: My Pond on a Wintry Day

Clouds taking off their wraps in spite of the chill,
shake down their load on the hills and the pond, until
they shed, into the dark underbrush, an ivory light glancing
at a happy snowflake, inside the whirlwind, dancing,
through a wintry misconception, in the sudden blizzard,
fluttering with the empty gusts, living its existence fully.

Since its life’s short and its art’s long, on the pond,
it finds unexpected omens and an unfathomable bond
with the shadowy water, shuddering into ice,
sealing the fate of the liquid to a frozen surprise,
such as unsaid things lying heavy on the heart.
Strange, to be a flake and not to have pleasures anymore...

The blizzard is over, within the nature’s shell, snow
has curled up in slumber, and on an icy bough,
pearls of high lineage glittering in noble silence,

~ ~ ~

Hidden Depths of Fire and Love (1)  (ASR)
Chapter 1: The Voice
#1871653 by Mimizz

Excerpt of: Hidden Depths of Fire and Love

'I can't live without you.'
Feels good to hear that about yourself,
Not to me.
It's like 'I love you.'
Said on a whim.
Really puts a lot of pressure
On the person it's said to.

You know how much it takes
To be the one
Keeping someone alive?
It came from another phrase--
A lighter one.
An easier one

~ ~ ~

 Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
#840216 by Not Available.

Excerpt of: His Long Lost Love

The sun rides high; the mood is low.
Silver circles gently flow and pool
beneath cheeks and chin in
upturned palms on a sturdy lap
where she once sat.

She sits no more; he laughs not much.
His skin aches for the soothing touch of one who sat
on a sturdy lap to stroke his face,
to give his life immeasurable grace,
a gem he valued not.

The room chills him; his memory swims.
Distant words dance as twilight dims the walls
of his receding mind, reposed in time,
where she still smiles opposite him at
tables for two in charming bistros they
once knew as one.

~ ~ ~

 The Old House  (E)
A nature poem about that old house in the meadow...please look
#734757 by VB is catching up

Excerpt of: The Old House

Theres an old house in the meadow,
where people used to live.
It's paint is chipped and ugly,
and the windows are hanging off their hinges.
The grass is knee-high,
and the door stands wide open.
Wide open to anyone.
Animals run in,
and start to run the place.
Who lives there are

~ ~ ~

 Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
#405205 by Not Available.

Excerpt of: Thieves of Summer

A letter on the desk,
A little blood on the pen,
And inside the dark room
Was where they found a friend.

Torn and battered,
Bruised with such a scar,
The criminals took everything
But they had taken it too far.

Caution on the lips,
Pain fresh in the eyes,

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