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Romance/Love: January 01, 2014 Issue [#6079]

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 This week: Hero/Heroine Relationship
  Edited by: Lonewolf
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About This Newsletter

Words are arguably the most powerful form of communication in the world when it comes to playing with a reader's emotions. Romance has a strong element in fantasy or science fiction should come out of the story organically. That is, characters who are strong, good, and deeply committed to a cause will be naturally attracted to someone who is equally strong, good, and committed.

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Letter from the editor

Your hero or heroine must have some type of connection to one another. The story won't work if you just take two characters that you want to be together and throw them in a relationship just because. There must be some kind of attraction that not only the reader, but you as the author can see between them.

Just like all fictional characters, your hero, no matter how lovable, should not be perfect. He/she should have some flaws. Otherwise, they won't be able to push your story forward as a good hero/heroine should. Have you ever read a romance and wondered why the hero/heroine fell in love with a character instead of running away like a sensible person would? Well, don't write heroes like that. It's more complicated than that, isn't it? Many fans want to read about a hero who is so tortured that only the heroine can drag him or her back from the edge. However, they don't want to hang their willing suspension of disbelief from the nearest rafter because that's the only way they can believe in that relationship. If the hero's flaws get in the way of the story, something didn't work.

Like any real-life relationship, the relationship in a romance novel has highs and lows, ups and downs. Both characters should work toward making the relationship work. Otherwise, you don't have a real relationship. There are some romances where the relationship is smooth sailing from the beginning, but those are rare and very hard to pull off. Like real people, the hero and heroine should enter the relationship with doubts and misgivings and fears, and those doubts, misgivings, and fears should drive what happens to the relationship.

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