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Horror/Scary: March 19, 2014 Issue [#6211]

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 This week: Our Future Is Oh, So Scary
  Edited by: W.D.Wilcox
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About This Newsletter

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Letter from the editor

Lemme Off This Bus!

Have you ever had a dream where you were being sent to someplace you didn't want to go? Like on a plane you knew was doomed to crash; or on a train that is passing from one reality into another; or on a boat locked in a fog so thick, that all the passengers disappear without a trace, until you are the last.

Okay, so maybe your dreams aren't like mine, but still, I'm sure you've all had the feeling of being on a bus heading somewhere you didn't want to go; like somewhere into the Twilight Zone, and the catch is . . . *whispers* . . . 'you can't get off'.

In recent years I've become very aware of how the world has turned upside down; what used to be right, is now wrong; what use to make common sense, is now not allowed to be spoken. What the hell happened? Grab the kids, Martha, the inmates are running the loony-bin!

Am I the only one who sees what's going on? Didn't you feel the shadow of Big Brother as it strolled right up as bold as you please, and laid a hand on your shoulder?

It was almost like it happened overnight. "We are watching you."

The creepy thing is, THEY are everywhere: in our phones, our computers, at the stoplights, hell, even in your X-box1 and on your TV! Think about it, at this very moment, your personal data is being sifted through by Big Brother.

So you ask yourself, to what end? Why? What gives them the right?

Our lawmakers gave them the right! WE gave them the right!

The question then is, what do we do about it?

There's nothing for it; aside from throwing away all our electronics and technology. And by now we're all too addicted to a world of instant gratification, a world of give-it-to-me-now,.

Besides, once you've given politicians this kind of power, they will fight to the death to keep it.

*shakes head* May God have mercy on our souls.

Until next time, if there is a next time,


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Editor's Picks

You Pick Your Destination

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#1977458 by Not Available.

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The Black-Eyed Boy  (13+)
Shane gets more than he bargained for when he trolls people online.
#1976186 by C. Carlos Camacho

 The Last Supper  (13+)
Troubled war veteran in 1920s struggles with illness and memories. Lovecraft/Poe influence
#1971780 by H.R

Claustrophobia  (13+)
Astronauts encounter a horror lurking in orbit.
#1960583 by Graham B.

The Hunger and the Cold  (18+)
Something hungry this way comes.
#1960267 by Robert G. Moons

Stairway To Hell  (18+)
Traveling the corridor between life and death.
#1673067 by W.D.Wilcox

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Ask & Answer


Last month I asked what horror stuck with you long after you put the book down. Here are a few of your replies:

What image stays with me? The chill, blank eyed stare of Bradley Headstone in the mini series "Our Mutual Friend". Or Daniel Day Lewis wicked grin in "There Will be Blood" when he is making his milkshake talk.

LJPC - the tortoise
Hi Bill! I'm delighted to hear someone else loved CELL. It's one of the most memorable of King's since he actually bothered to "show" most of the book and not "tell." I loved the premise, and it was easy to root for the characters. I started Dr.Sleep, got about a quarter of the way and stopped. Perhaps I'll pick it up again when I can force myself past all that "telling" and the unlikeable characters. *Pthb* Thanks for the creepy images in the NL!
~ Laura

Thanks for featuring my short story in your last newsletter, Bill! I enjoyed your article, and it got me to thinking about what has stuck with me over the years. A snippet in Helter Skelter where Bugliosi discovered that the Family would go on "creepy-crawl" missions, which consisted of entering a house in the middle of the night and rearranging furniture and objects and then leaving. Very creepy! And it took me a long time to get over the "children" scratching at the tent in The Blair Witch Project. Who knows why these things stay with us, but they sure do! Any horror writer would do well to consider why this is so and tap into that. *Smile*

Michael Thomas-Knight
Hey Bill, I agree The Cell was a great book and it seems to be forgotten, even among King's fans. Something that always stuck with me was in the Lovecraft story, Dreams in the Witchhouse, the description of the rat with the human face that would whisper the MC's name, "Walter. She's coming for you, Walter."
Check this out:
"Ceremony [18+]

For me Voodoo and all of it's implications or black magic. It's the hidden things that lurk just beneath the surface; things that are mentioned but never really explained yet they play an important part of what has, is, or will be happening. If it doesn't or hasn't happened, I'll think about it, work it into some form and think about it every time a similar situation rears it's head.

BBWOLF is Armor Monster
The Joker's laugh, especially the Jack Nickleson version from the 1989 Batman, although the Heath Ledger version from the 2005 Dark Knight is scary to. It never ends.
Check this out:
"The Reptilian Chronicles [18+]

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