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Horror/Scary: January 06, 2016 Issue [#7408]

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 This week: Fear of falling
  Edited by: Arakun the Twisted Raccoon
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About This Newsletter

Quote for the week: "Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."

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Letter from the editor

The fear of falling is one of those fears that some experts believe may be with us from birth. Fear of falling kept our primitive ancestors alive as they climbed trees or scrambled around on rocks.

The Moro reflex exhibited by young babies is believed to be related to an inborn fear of falling. When a baby feels that it is not being supported, it will throw out its arms and bring them back together. The Moro reflex may have kept primitive baby humans from falling and being injured, because it caused them to hold on tightly to the parent who carried them.

An extreme fear of falling is called basiphobia. In some cases, basiphobia can be the result of an experience. A person might have suffered an injury due to a previous fall, and might be afraid to walk, climb stairs, or even move afterward. A mountain climber might have witnessed another climber falling to his death or had a near fatal fall himself. In other cases, the person might not know why he or she is afraid of falling.

Fear of falling often goes hand in hand with fear of heights. Many people become frightened when staring down from a great height, such as the top of a tall building, but some experience this fear from only a small increase in elevation, such as climbing a step ladder. The only time I have ever experienced a fear of falling in association with heights was when touring a power plant near my home. Instead of solid flooring material, the floors and stairs in this building are made of grating. When standing on the top floor, you can see through the grating all the way to the bottom. Most people who need to spend any time in the building eventually get used to it, but some employees have resigned because they became physically sick.

Falling in dreams is common, but contrary to the old wives' tale, you will not die if you hit the ground when falling in a dream. I am living proof of that, because I have fallen and hit the ground several times in dreams. However, a couple of times I did wake up to find that I had fallen out of bed!

Here are some ways that you might use a fear of falling in your stories:

*Asterisk*A character needs to find the reason behind his fear of falling.

*AsteriskR*The villain takes advantage of a character's fear of falling.

*AsteriskG*A mountain climber who has just recovered from a bad fall needs to climb again to rescue another character.

*Asterisko*A character is haunted by unexplained dreams of falling.

Something to try: Write a horror story in which a character has a fear of falling.

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Question for nest time: What kind of place is your favorite setting for a horror story?

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