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Romance/Love: March 16, 2016 Issue [#7511]

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 This week: Spring is in the Air
  Edited by: Annette
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About This Newsletter

Hello romantically inclined readers and writers, I am Annette and I will be your guest editor for this issue.

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Letter from the editor

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Spring is in the Air

As nature awakes all around us, so do the romantic feelings.

Do you have to come out of a cold winter to feel romantic in spring?

Images of spring are often combined with flowers and little white bunnies hopping over luscious green grass. Also in the meadow is a pair of lovers with a picnic basket discussing nothing and everything.

Growing up in cold Berlin, Germany, with winters so cold rivers froze solid enough to drive cars over them, I have vivid memories of that first day every year when it was warm enough to wear a dress at least for a few hours without getting a cold. Spring brought people into the streets to sit in cafes, put blankets in the parks, and simply enjoy not having to be cooped up in their apartments any longer.

Of course, all that commotion meant you could meet new people and even find a romantic love interest. Since much of our Western romance comes out of medieval Europe in the years 500 to 1500, it is only natural that spring is considered a romantic season.

But not everybody lives where there is a proper long and harsh winter. How about the South were it's pretty much warm year round? I don't think you have to come out of a cold winter to feel more frisky in spring. It's literally something in the air. More pollen? That too, but something that wakes us up after the shorter days of winter (warm or cold) and reminds us that there is more to life than toil and work.

Allow a walk in nature to awaken your romantic story telling. Watch birds, flowers, flying insects ... anything at all. If you can't go on a walk, at least look out of your window and open it to feel the breeze. Let spring take you away on a romantic adventure on paper.

Editor's Picks

A memory of spring  (18+)
Xavier 'reads' memories from photos. This time it's love, war and a bench.
#2040338 by Osirantinous

Wait For Snow  (E)
Love like the season lives, dies and longs for return.
#1172753 by brian k compton

 Two Faithful Lovers  (E)
A poem dedicated to a new couple's budding romance.
#2000102 by Tim Chiu

 Adella of Burbank  (18+)
Changeling Fantasy about a young girl who gets swept up in a war between Fairy Nations
#2069899 by Twiga

Leaf  (E)
Springing leaf
#2008915 by Samberine Everose

 Spring Freeze  (18+)
Chad and Molly fall into the frigid, icy water! Will they survive the cold night ahead?
#2069441 by TJ likes Cadbury eggs & Peeps

 What I did over spring break  (ASR)
A young man recalls the strange way he met his wife
#2060261 by John Glover

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This item number is not valid.
#2039957 by Not Available.

Serenade in Spring  (E)
The music in spring
#1939312 by Samberine Everose

 Spring Awakenings  (13+)
Sara finds new life after the dormancy of loss.
#2041885 by 💙 Carly - BLUE!!💙

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I received no comments for my last Romance/Love newsletter "Love Eternal.

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