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 This week: The Drama of Grief
  Edited by: lizco252
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About This Newsletter

Hello, WDC! I'm lizco252, your editor for this week's Drama Newsletter!

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Letter from the editor

Grief is inherently dramatic, because it's a visceral, coring-down-to-your-soul emotion, and it's something we all feel at some point in our lives, whether it's with family, friends, pets, or even someone or something completely disconnected with us.

It embodies an end, sometimes a beginning; it embodies a change, yet it can be static; it can a moving-on of sorts, and sometimes it leaves us feeling trapped, sedentary.

It can bring out the worst of us, and sometimes the best. It can bring out the humor, and sometimes the horror.

But grief is not necessarily easy to pinpoint. It isn't always expressed in sobbing and the shedding of tears. Grief can be subtle, imperceptible, perhaps. Sometimes it lies beneath the surface, suppressed, just waiting to explode. Perhaps that explosion never comes.

Grief can quickly turn to anger ~ on a dime ~ if not properly dealt with, and sometimes it just resides. Sometimes it takes up residence in a heart and just lives there, dull and unexpressed.

All of those scenarios are fodder for your stories. Do you have a character who deals with grief properly? What does "proper" mean? Does "proper grief" stand in direct opposition to how your character wishes to express their emotions? Do you have a character who goes totally off the rails in the face of a loss? Do they spiral or do they self-correct? Do they correct (or spiral) with help? Do they spiral (or correct) with no one to help them? Are they left to their own devices? Do they have a support system (friends, family, outside influences)? Is that support system truly supportive/healthy or a detriment to their well being?

In thinking on these aspects, there is no right or wrong answer, and the solution is fluid, malleable, solely dependent on how you want to examine the presence of grief within your character(s).

Grief is a multi-layered facet of the human experience. Explore it, pick it apart, dissect it, and make it real.


Some thoughts from the wonderful respondents to my Newsfeed queries Linked 'Note' no longer available. and Note #:

Cinn :

[A]s for grief in my story lines... I don't really write stories often enough to have tips? Clearly I (and other people) deal with grief by writing about it... journals or poetry or whatever. So I imagine a character might take that route too. Purge it through words rather than tears?

Elle :

Anger. I notice it in real life situations, and a book I was reading yesterday used it with the main character too. People often snap or lash out when they're grieving.

Osirantinous :

Thinking on my characters, most of them get very quiet when dealing with grief. I myself am a bawler, but I'm also pretty quiet other than that.

I've a character, Owen, who I seem to put through the ringer quite often with grief (not always the 'loss' kind).

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And if you are grieving and need support, or simply a kind word, an acknowledgement of what you're walking through:

 United in Our Grief  (13+)
This is a group for those grieving the loss of a loved one.
#1969694 by Prosperous Snow Creative

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